Software Update Available for T-Mobile Blackberry 7290

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T-Mobile has released Blackberry OS to Blackberry 7290 users. The upgrade rearranges a few options under the ‘Settings’ menu and will also add a new application called ‘Password Keeper’.

To upgrade, follow this link …

  • andy
    I went on the site to upgrade my blackbeery 7290 but when I click on the link the page is saying not found and I also saw in the comment section someone else had the same problem
  • ERV
    I need to download Instant message application for my Blackberry 8300 it was originally an at&t phone i unlocked it and now have t-mobile service, is it possible to set up instant messaging on this phone, can someone help me please.
  • Paul Schiffman

    I just replaced my 8700c, but they cut out the "Dimension List" Theme. Anyone know if it is possible to download this somewhere?


  • rita
    the link is not working, can u help me with this. thx
  • chris
    ill be so greatful to help me with this phone
  • mustapha
    that a good phone
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