Minefield Reviewed

Many of us know the feeling, bored at work with nothing to do. Before the popularity of the internet most of us would fire up the good ol’ trusty Windows Solitaire or Minesweeper. We’ve spent many hours playing these simple games, and now one has been ported over to the Blackberry. Kragesoft has just released MineField for the Blackberry, so now you can play anywhere you’re bored. Read our mini-review of the program below …


The game is installed via the Application Loader and comes in at a size of 77kb. There is no trial or Over-The-Air installation option.


The object of the game is to find all the mines on the playing field without uncovering any of them. Everything from the original Minesweeper has been ported over to Minefield, including the gray tiles, the exact colored numbers, the red flags and of course the mines. Just like the original there are 3 separate difficulty settings: Novice, Advanced, and Expert.

Controls are a bit more challenging without a mouse but Kragesoft tries to make it easier by giving you two options. You can either navigate with the scroll wheel, moving vertically is just a matter of scrolling and going horizontally requires the press of the Alt button. The other option is to actually navigate with the keys on your Blackberry which we did find it to be easier. One aspect that we did notice and miss in Minefield is the ability to quickly select surrounding tiles quickly just like holding down both mouse buttons in Minesweeper. This would make the game play much quicker.

Kragesoft’s background is in mobile, so there are a few Blackberry navigation errors they left out. The biggest is the Escape button doesn’t work, instead you have to scroll down to ‘Back’ and hit the space bar. Perfect for most cell phones but Blackberry users would find this very annoying. Seeing that there’s no back screen, there’s also no ability to save your game but you can get around this by hitting the Alt+Escape button to switch windows instead of completely exiting the game.


This game is not revolutionary by any means, it doesn’t try to add new or out there features to the game of Minesweeper. It’s a good thing because Minesweeper is a classic game and it is definitely nice to have on your Blackberry whenever you need to kill a few minutes of down time or when you’re bored at work.

The program is available for $8.99 at Neon Toad, http://www.neontoad.com

Visit the following page for screenshots …

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