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Weekend Contest: ‘My Dream Blackberry Program’


Idokorro AS400
This weekend’s contest is entitled ‘My Dream Blackberry Program’. Rules are simple, just post what type of program you want to have developed for the Blackberry platform. Seeing how we’re so far behind Palm and PocketPC in terms of 3rd party software offerings this could lead to some good ideas that a developer may pick up and end up developing. The winner will be chosen randomly and will be announced Monday morning.

This week’s prize is a great one, we will be offering the winner Idokorro SSH, a program that allows you to connect to any UNIX system, AS/400 server or network device with your BlackBerry Handheld. Mobile SSH & Telnet provides full VT100 terminal and 5250 emulation capabilities.

Regular price is $95.00 on NeonToad,

Click on ‘Comments’ to enter …

Football Trivia Sneak Peek


Football Trivia
With the current crop of news on NFL rookie signings you know the season is just around the corner. Though the first game is about 1 and half months away, you have already grabbed tickets to opening day, started and joined the office fantasy pool, and cleaned and pressed your football jersey. If this sounds like you, then you can probably use Football Trivia on your Blackberry.

Football Trivia contains over 200 questions on stats, and your knowledge of the teams and coaches. The program is nice to have during down times like on the bus or waiting for a meeting. Scores are tracked along with the time spent, however there is no continue function so if you exit the program you will need to start again. One other issue is that there is plenty of wheel-clicking to answer and move onto the next question, 4 clicks to be exact. Doesn’t seem much but after answering a few dozen questions your thumb will get tired.

Football Trivia retails for $9.50 and can be purchased through Neon Toad, Continue reading ‘Football Trivia Sneak Peek’

A whole month without a BlackBerry


Want to be out of contact for a while?

Fox has ordered a series called “XQuest” that will place people with no special training in “biocrafts” that simulate the weightless conditions of space. The contestants will live in the crafts for a month, having no contact with the outside world, save for a limited amount of communication with “mission control.”

“We’re all extremely excited,” Fox Entertainment President Peter Ligouri told TV critics Thursday in Beverly Hills, Calif. “We hope it’s the next level of where unscripted programming can go.”

“XQuest,” whose title will likely change once the specific mission is worked out, comes from Imagine Entertainment (“Apollo 13,” “24″) and Alexander Seropian, creator of the video game “Halo.” Imagine’s Ron Howard is one of the producers.

Fox says pre-production, including the building of the biocrafts, will take up to a year, and the show will also incorporate CGI effects. The teams will compete on missions, gradually eliminating players until a winner is determined.

Scalix Extends Linux-Based Messaging to Blackberry


San Mateo, California-based Scalix’s Wireless Solution extends the company’s email, calendar, address book and Personal Information Management (PIM) functionality to numerous wireless devices, via a number of carriers. Scalix Wireless Solution is designed to connect to Blackberry and wireless PalmOS devices, along with Windows Mobile PDAs, and smart phones from the likes of Samsung and Motorola, and supports wireless carrier services from the likes of Cingular, Nextel, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon.

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Poor Customer Service is Top Reason Consumers Switch Service Providers


A report by Accenture that shouldn’t be of any surprise has found that nearly half (49%) of the more than 2000 USA and UK consumers surveyed said poor service led them to change service providers in at least one industry in the past year. When asked to further explain their reasons for switching, the greatest number of these respondents (61%) identified poor service or product quality, to get lower prices (46%), a service representative’s lack of knowledge about a provider’s services or products (39%), lack of customized solutions (22%), company policies that create bureaucracy (19%), and technologies that delay or stop service (19%).

In addition, despite companies adopting technologies to help them respond more effectively to customer concerns, nearly two-thirds (62%) of all survey respondents said they believed that customer service had not improved significantly in the last five years.

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Beta Testers Wanted For New Email Attachment Viewer


Cerience Corporation is looking for interested beta testers for their new email attachment conversion service. The service allows you to view attachments on your BlackBerry while retaining the document’s original appearance, layout, fonts, colors, images, graphics, and tables, of the original document. A “re-flowed view” option allows for easy reading on the device. The service supports PDF, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and image files.

Cerience already has their technology working on several platforms including Palm, Pocket PC, Symbian and Nokia Series 60.

If interested, please sign up at:

Active beta testers will receive a FREE 3 month subscription to the service.