Weekend Contest: ‘Why I Love my Blackberry’


It’s simple, every weekend we will be running a contest for some free schwag. This weekend’s contest is entitled ‘Why I Love my Blackberry’. Rules are simple, write a 1-2 sentence comment below and you’ll be eligible to win this weekend’s prize. Winners will be chosen randomly and the winner will be announced Monday morning.

This week’s prize is CryptMagic, a program that allows you to save your passwords, credit card numbers, PINs and other confidential data safely and securely on your BlackBerry handheld and keep it synced with your PC. Regular price is $34.95 on Neon Toad.

So what are you waiting for, post your entry below!

37 Responses to “Weekend Contest: ‘Why I Love my Blackberry’”

  1. 1 Robert P.

    Because it makes me feel important and trendy!

  2. 2 Tom G.

    Simply - I love my Blackberry because my wife hates my Blackberry. And the more she hates it the more I love it.

  3. 3 Jon Maddox

    Because I can ssh from the beach and get all my notifications in my pocket!

  4. 4 Joe R.

    People think I am at work when I am out having fun with the wife and kids. A Godsend.

  5. 5 Jim B

    PRODUCTIVITY! I can call, PIN, email, IM, text and play Texas Hold’Em while on the toilet.

  6. 6 Brandon

    I am in the office, responding to your very important email, or am I?

  7. 7 Victor G

    Treo > Smartphone > Blackberry

  8. 8 Ali A

    The Blackberry is the first digital tool that actually acts like a tool and not a toy, there are no frivolous features and it does its job better than anythink else. And I don’t need a prize to convince me to blather on about my Blackberry.

  9. 9 Penney D

    I can sit by the pool and STILL answer all my clients emails - BRILLIANT!!

  10. 10 Ryan Murphy

    Because with it I am able to stay better and more consistently connected to my clients, leading to more satisfied clients and increased sales.

  11. 11 Dan

    When I am sitting in a long, boring meeting, I can type on the Blackberry and it looks like I am addressing a critical issue. What I’m really doing is surfing the net, reading the news, playing a game, etc.

  12. 12 Alex

    Brickbreaker! ’nuff said.

  13. 13 Bill

    The blackberry means I don’t have to lug my computer around with me or hunt for hot spots to stay connected. Now that’s priceless.

  14. 14 Steven

    It keeps me in touch with my clients and lets me respond to issues quickly.

  15. 15 Linda Watson

    The Blackberry is the number one handheld device. For me it has almost replace my powerbook g4. I cant sleep, eat , travel and almost breath with out it. The interface is smooth, and the device is very user friendly. I just love it. It just means a whole lot to me.

  16. 16 John

    I can sit outside and get some Vitamin D instead of sitting INSIDE and getting pasty, with no drop-off in productivity!

  17. 17 Matt

    I can post on BlackBerry Cool and win Schwag.

  18. 18 John Eckhardt

    Finally have one device for all mobile communications across the world!

  19. 19 DJ Martinez

    In addition to all the communication benefits, my BlackBerry serves as the 2005 ‘pepper spray’. According to Naomi, you can use it to warn off assistants, er um, attackers.

  20. 20 brien mizell

    It helped me get promoted! How can you not like something that makes you more money??

  21. 21 John C

    It’s the only way to keep my title of: “Mr. Know-It-All” !

  22. 22 Chris C

    My Blackberry allows me to keep the small problems small and the big problems from spiralling out of control. You have the freedom to respond when and if you choose!

  23. 23 Patricia Mayo

    I love my blackberry because its compact and does what its supposed to do. Its always glued to my hip.

  24. 24 Jamie Anderson

    Nothing say’s “I’ve arrived” like busting out my blackberry while I’m on vacation. It’s the ultimate jewlery for the new millennium.

  25. 25 Reginald Harris

    I can be as available as I want, whenever I want, wherever I want.

  26. 26 Travis

    Better service to my customers >>> happy customers >>> more sales >>> $$$ in my pocket

  27. 27 Jeffrey Berkey

    The Blackberry is a tool that allows me to work and play no matter where I am. I love the mobility and flexibility it offers.

  28. 28 Demetris Fisher

    I just switch to the blackberry from my Motorola Q. I’m highly impressed with its functionality and smooth programming. It’s in a whole different class as far as smart phones. Just a little history on my smart phones or so called: HTC 6700, Treo windows version, Moto Q. . These phones aren’t “SMART”. The blackberry is very smart, and those of you who have one KNOW what i’m talking about. I”m a very satisfied customer.

    Loyal Blackberry Member…
    Sprint Version of the 8830 (black polish) SWEET!!! Great Tele navigation that sprint offers TOO!!!

  29. 29 Brittany

    I love my BlackBerry because it is cute, trendy, and up to date, yet it is functional, efficient, and easy to use. BlackBerry is the future of AT&T.

  30. 30 ES

    I love my blackberry because it makes me feel like a technology idiot! So many new things to learn everyday for my blackberry!

  31. 31 marco brakkee

    My blackberry is my soulmate.I can ask questions, can email, read my spoose here email and she has no idea, play games, stay connecteda, be operational, be smart, feel good. Its the best invention after coffee

  32. 32 jse

    I’ve owned many smartphones… Sony Ericsson P910, which was stolen, so I switched to Treo 650. I liked them both. When the Treo 750 came out, I gave it a shot, but we did not bond at all, so I gave it up for an 8525, which evolved into a Tilt. I thought that was the best ever, until I backed down and got a Blackberry Curve for work. I really do love that thing. Simple, elegant. Does pretty much everything I need it to do. Many things (like Bluetooth and e-mail) absolutely rawk. I was worried about phone quality, but it is outstanding.

  33. 33 ted m

    i wanted to look like the 45ish short bald successful guy with a cool phone…it worked! (fooled them all).:)

  34. 34 Jennefer

    I can do just about everything I need to with my blackberry! It’s simply amazing!

  35. 35 Tyler Young

    Because it puts me in the loop.

  36. 36 Ketan Patel

    I’m Addicted!

  37. 37 brayndeded

    I love my blackberry because it doesnt crach 8 times a day like my windows mobile phones did, and the trackball and qwerty keyboard are so easy to use.

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