IBackup Offers Online Storage for Blackberry

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IBackup launches ILite (www.ilite.com) to offer online storage, sharing and streaming features for PocketPC, Blackberry and Palm devices.

“With the proliferation of handhelds and Phone convergence devices including Blackberry, Pocket PC and Palm OS based devices, there is a growing demand to access online storage on the move using these internet enabled devices. With ILite.com (http://www.ilite.com), a service offered via IBackup (http://www.ibackup.com), users can now access their IBackup data via their handhelds from anywhere. They can view, share or even stream music or video content for supported devices!” said Kokila, Project Manager for the handheld devices at IBackup.

IBackup is now the only storage provider that supports widest range of handheld devices that now covers most leading handhelds. There is no need to download any application. Users simply need to open up the browser on their handhelds and type the ILite url (http://www.ilite.com) and login using their IBackup account information. The application automatically adjusts based on the handheld platform and displays user data for browing, viewing and for sharing. For supported platforms, it even allows streaming of MP3 music! One can play playlists , and even share them with others.

Streaming MP3s may require installation of third party plugins. For details, please see http://www.ibackup.com/storage_mobile.htm. In addition, there may be a few seconds of delay between two songs for buffering. Streaming technology on handhelds is still in initial stages, as the bandwidth and reliability gets better, your phones and PDAs will function as a real replacement for standalone music players. IBackup recommends Pocket Music for PocketPC based devices (www.pocketmind.com/pmfp.htm).

It works really well at hotspot locations that offer broadband capabilities.

ILite.com(http://www.ilite.com) is offered as a part of IBackup feature set and there are no additional charges.

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