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You may already have a program called Password Keeper on your Blackberry but sometimes that just isn’t enough. MiniSafe by Simprit allows a user to secure various sensitive information on their Blackberry including bank information, credit card information, passwords, sensitive contacts, and pretty much anything else that you want secure. Read further for what we have to say about the program …

The program has two parts, a client that installs on your Blackberry and a program that installs on your PC called MiniSafe Desktop that you can sync between the computer and your device. The PC part is actually optional but it helps when you have to enter a lot of information and don’t want to enter the data with your Blackberry. The Blackberry client part is much optimized seeing that you only need 64k of memory.

When you start the program for the first time you need to enter a password. This password will be asked every time you open up MiniSafe so make sure not to forget. MiniSafe protects and encrypts your information by using Advanced Encryption Standards. After you set up your program you can start entering your sensitive information. The default categories are: Bank Accounts, Birthdays, Calling Cards, Combinations, Credit Cards, Email Accounts, Emergency Information, Frequent Flyer, Insurance, Membership, Phone Numbers, Prescription, Product Price, Serial Number, Vehicle Information, Voice Mail, and Web Login.

As you can see the default categories cover a broad range but the beauty of the program is that you can customize and add your own categories. This makes it easier to keep organized and easier sort your information. Along with categories you can have the ability to specify if the information is Business or Personal so you can easily filter data on the main screen.

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