Mobile Reach Announces Shipment Of Splitware Helpdesk Software For BlackBerry

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Mobile Reach
Mobile Reach International today announced the shipment of its Splitware Helpdesk product for BlackBerry to Embarcadero Systems Corporation, leading the way in the development of next generation mobile solutions. Embarcadero Systems delivers technology rich end-to-end solutions to the global transportation, supply chain and logistics industries. Mobile Reach delivers software solutions to an increasingly mobile marketplace, allowing companies to collaborate with their mobile workforce through wireless devices.

The project combines Embarcadero Systems’ dedication to improved customer service and operational efficiency with Mobile Reach’s commitment to cutting edge mobile technology. Mobile Reach developed the new software exclusively for use with the popular BlackBerry platform, from Research In Motion (RIM) (Nasdaq: RIMM), enabling users in the field to work seamlessly with their center of operations.

“This is an exciting event for our company,” says Mark J. Lloyd, president and chief technology officer of Mobile Reach. “One of our Fortune ten clients asked us to bring Help Reach, our best-in-class Splitware Helpdesk product, to RIM BlackBerry devices. With that kind of customer endorsement, we are confident that we have developed a product that meets the needs of our customers. Now that the implementation at Embarcadero Systems is complete, benefits to the customer have been proven.”

“The driver for change in our organization was to improve customer satisfaction,” says Adele Richert, manager of customer services at Embarcadero Systems. “Customer service begins when we can give an immediate and detailed report to our customer informing them that they are on our radar, a support person has been contacted, and we expect to be at their site within one hour.”

“When I saw that we were up and running in one hour with a working mobile product on BlackBerry, I knew we had a tool that would greatly enhance our level of customer service,” Richert added.

The HelpReach product is a mobile solution that gives users the ability to create, look-up, assign, modify and close work tickets. HelpReach has been especially tailored for BlackBerry devices and extends Remedy’s ARS HelpDesk solution to any location and situation. The result is a mobilized incident management system. With HelpReach and BlackBerry, workers gain the ability to work away from their desk, receive a dispatch as soon as it comes in, edit a work log directly and move on to the next assignment while mobile.

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