Weekend Contest: ‘Improving The Blackberry’


This weekend’s contest is entitled ‘Improving The Blackberry’. Rules are simple, write 1 or 2 things that you think RIM should do to make the Blackberry even better. The winner will be chosen randomly and the winner will be announced Monday morning.

This week’s prize is Notifire, the program allows you to create a ‘Hot Contact’ which will enable you to get notified your way. You can match your contacts to your choice of notification (song,vibrate,backlight,flashing LED). We also did a review of Notifier that you can read here …

Regular price is $19.99 on Neon Toad.

So what are you waiting for, post your entry below!

19 Responses to “Weekend Contest: ‘Improving The Blackberry’”

  1. 1 admin

    I want to see a Blackberry with EDGE or EVDO.

  2. 2 Frank Fransioli

    Simple one.

    Have a configuration set-up for the alarm clock to display time in a LARGE FONT, perhaps full screen. I am using the Blackberry as my alarm clock when I’m on the road. Since I don’t get many messages at night I would like to see the time without squinting.

  3. 3 Dwane Lay

    Slot for additional memory and built in mp3 player. It does just about everything else, why not that?

  4. 4 Chris Whisonant

    1 - More BlueTooth functionality - open it up to developers to be able to code some real integration with computers and/or other BT-capable devices.

    2 - Ditto on the memory and mp3 player - but also even a camera!

  5. 5 Jamie

    Voice/Text recognition to have it read messages, or recognize voice input for writing or making calls or recording voice notes.

  6. 6 Jessica

    1- voice recognition
    2- mp3
    3- Distinct icon to identify a calendar appt or meeting response.

  7. 7 Robb D

    Phone Only Mode

    One of the greatest advantages about the BlackBerry is that you can get email, anytime, anywhere (Network coverage permitting). One of the greatest disadvantages is that it always gets email anytime, anywhere.

    Technology like wireless email is supposed to make your life easier. It is not supposed to make you a slave to the technology.

    When you are out to dinner on a weekend with your family, a missed message or two won’t hurt you. If it is really important and the sender doesn’t get a reply from you immediately, they could always call you.

  8. 8 Robert Seijas

    RIM needs to add models eith a SD card slot for storage. Spread sheets, text docs, and pictures. That would be my #1 priority.

  9. 9 John C

    1 - speakerphone w/o using a bluetooth device

    2 - touch screen

  10. 10 dave johnson

    Allow me to set up a group for text messaging.

  11. 11 Lord_ZealoN

    - File Systems for get files in my BB like pen drive. Take your USB/Charger, and move data everywhere (download atachments, etc…)

    - Office Suite built-in.

    - Good Flash Player.

    - Automatic disconnection thath cannot be seting up. I need it, i only think in my BB and i need live :P

  12. 12 John

    Voice dialing, please.

  13. 13 John

    Allow me to set my backlight on the HIGHEST setting as the default when I’m using it.

  14. 14 Barry Polner

    1. The port for charging cord is in an awkward place if trying to tallk while charging.
    2. How about a onscreen clock when ob net or email

  15. 15 Zorro

    On the screen that displays the list of e-mail messages, having the icon change to indicate whether the message has been saved locally would be extremely helpful.

  16. 16 Alberto

    I will really appreciate a “only phone mode” when I travel abroad and I just want take advantage of phone capabilities but not email.

  17. 17 Ali A.

    1) Consistency! The features & model variance is starting to get a little out of hand. Don’t leave any major network without the same great model offerings and features you have on others (e.g. Nextel w/o a 7100 series or SMS).

    2) Resist urge to go consumer. Blackberry devices weren’t meant for Johnny Teanager or Jane Shopper. Don’t add cameras, games, music, etc. I guess this doesn’t qualify as how to make it better but it is a comment on what not to do to your existing evangelizeing/dedicated customer base.

  18. 18 Peter Chan

    The Blackberry is primarily targeted at us business users. One of the easiest feature missing is the ability to quickly change profiles or mute the ringer when going into a meeting (e.g. switch on Treo handsets). A one button profile changer or hard switch is a no brainer.

    Second suggestion is harder to do because it goes against the iden spec, but do away with the pull-out antenna, either with a built-in one or a replacement low-profile nubby antenna. If anyone has kids, you know what I’m talking about. Carrying a child while having your blackberry on your built yields an “ouch! daddy your phone is poking me”.

  19. 19 Ashley Blackwell

    Upgrade the alarm clock to allow multiple alarms to be set up at once. I use my alarm for everything from getting up from when I need to take medication, and it’s so much easier to have a list of alarms to enable and/or disable.

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