Freeance Allows A BlackBerry Handheld Devices with ArcIMS and Enterprise Databases

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Freeanceâ„¢ Release 4.0 allows IT and GIS departments to easily integrate BlackBerry 7520 handheld devices with ESRI’s ArcIMS software and enterprise databases. Freeance Release 4.0 will debut and be demonstrated during the 2005 ESRI User Conference in Booth 1447 during the week of July 25th. Demonstrations and examples will show how GIS and IT administrators across the United States are using Freeance to rapidly build custom applications for ArcIMS. Freeance will be available for purchase by attendees of the ESRI User Conference at a discounted show price.

Continuing to expand the functionality and uses of Web mapping, the newest releases of Freeance and Freeance Direct allow local GIS layers and database records to be viewed on BlackBerry 7520 handheld devices. Users can view map data and even create and send new map points from BlackBerry handhelds. Maps and attribute data can now be accessed from data layers in ArcIMS software and enterprise databases. Mobile workers can view and navigate maps and access database records with standard BlackBerry 7520 devices and Nextel wireless services.

Utilizing the internal GPS function of the BlackBerry 7520, Freeance allows mobile workers to send GPS map points to map layers in ArcIMS software. Freeance automatically translates lat/long coordinates into state plane projections, placing new map points on specified GIS layers with custom symbology.

With more than 50 implementations in over 20 states, Freeance is the low risk, low cost, proven technology that allows organizations to implement Web mapping with in-house resources. Freeance is becoming the industry leading software for building applications with ArcIMS software.

System administrators can quickly create applications that are highly functional and easy-to-use. Freeance allows integration of enterprise databases with search and reporting capabilities, customizing user interfaces and adding tools as needed. Freeance allows in-house development of custom ArcIMS applications on a stable, proven platform with the tools and flexibility needed to create and modify many different Web mapping sites.

Freeance Release 4.0 is an affordable solution starting at $5,750 for a complete server application license. To get more information, visit

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