Weekend Contest: ‘Favorite Blackberry Program’


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This weekend’s contest is entitled ‘Favorite Blackberry Program’. Rules are simple, just post your favorite Blackberry program that you can’t live without. If you don’t have any 3rd party software on your Blackberry then just post BrickBreaker. The winner will be chosen randomly and will be announced Monday morning.

This week’s prize is the Premium Wallpaper collection that contains over 200+ high quality backgrounds for your Blackberry.

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20 Responses to “Weekend Contest: ‘Favorite Blackberry Program’”

  1. 1 Joe Johnson

    My favorite has to be Berry411, and the best part is it’s free!

  2. 2 Alex D.

    I have a few I like a lot but probably would say BBToday (another freebie) is my favorite one.

  3. 3 jon Maddox

    I dont think its even a matter of opinion. THE best blackberry application is berry411. Period.

  4. 4 Richard Sun

    BBWeather, simple and free

  5. 5 Jeffrey Bacon

    Outbreak Control from Magmic is awesome.

  6. 6 Jim


  7. 7 JB

    Idokorro Mobile SSH.
    Nothing like being able to sit on the beach or on a boat or at a airport and fully be able to remote admin your favorite flavor of *nix.

  8. 8 JT

    Berry411 handsdown. Ease of use, access to tons of info.

  9. 9 Lord_ZealoN

    I think i can’t live without BlackBerryOS. I can’t live without his calendar, addrees book, email etc…. Oh, and BrickBreaker of course. Ummmm BBReply too

  10. 10 MSB

    Berry411 - very innovative app. Just learning to use it but it is very impressive.

  11. 11 Steven Bagdan

    I like Cribbage. It kills time, and is the perfect (qucik fix) to take some time.

  12. 12 Barry Polner

    I think Berry411 is the best thing since sliced bread. Use it many times each day. There is such a thing as a “free lunch”

  13. 13 Hugh McKerrow

    Handango’s French-English-French Dictionary for Blackberry would have to be my favourite.

  14. 14 John

    PocketDay. Can’t function without it.

  15. 15 Thomas Brown

    Don’t have any apps yet still trying to figure everything out so I guess I have to say brickbreaker

  16. 16 Jeffrey Falk

    PocketDay is the best

  17. 17 Ben W

    Webmessenger would have to be my fave. Helps me kill many hours in meetings.

  18. 18 jay

    pocketday is the best app because it can show you the weather your stocks and emails in one spot. you can view the most important apps of your blackberry from this one app. unlike other apps that say they can do the same this app does not drain the battery unlike other apps.

  19. 19 Clay

    BBWeather is my favorite.

  20. 20 Adolfo G

    the program i love and cant live with out would be the Blackberry IM. it free and has all four diffrent messangers. great!

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