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Blackjack Buddy
At the present moment, Texas Hold’em is the most fashionable game to play but we can’t ignore the old classic of Blackjack. It still is the game with the most favorable odds and has been proven that it can be beaten. The MIT Blackjack Team proved it, a group of students or ex-students from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology who from 1979 to the start of the 21st century were regularly beating the house until they were barred from most casinos. Although not quite as exciting as beating the house for millions, you can live some of the excitement on your Blackberry with Blackjack Buddy. Read our review below …

Blackjack Buddy has a view that has you in front of a virtual Blackjack table. It’s these small details that make the game exciting to play. We started off with $1000 and bet our first $20. The playing cards are a bit on the small side so it can be a problem with users that don’t have the greatest eyesight. Hitting and staying is also made simple with the ingenious controls; to stay just scroll up once, to hit just scroll down once. Keys are only pressed when you want to double down or split your hand. One issue that came up are with the 7100 models that what is displayed on the screen is opposite of the controls; to split it shows an arrow on the right but you need to hit the 4 on the left side of the keyboard and vice-versa to double down. This is a gross mistake and I can’t figure out how they didn’t catch it during the beta testing.

We also found that the maximum bet is only $100, you can’t go any higher so if you accumulate enough money you’ll get bored betting peanuts. However, after awhile we found that the best part of the game is not trying to accumulate the most money but practicing your Blackjack skills. In the options menu you can specify the decks in the shoe, so card counting beginners can start off with 1 deck and work themselves up to the standard 8 decks. Blackjack Buddy tracks yours statistics so you know exactly how well you’re doing.

The game does have its fault with the wrong controls in 7100, smallish card sizes, and the $100 betting limit. Even with all its fault we still enjoyed the game because it allows us to test our Blackjack skills.

Blackjack Buddy retails for $8.99 and can be purchased through Neon Toad,

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