A whole month without a BlackBerry


Want to be out of contact for a while?

Fox has ordered a series called “XQuest” that will place people with no special training in “biocrafts” that simulate the weightless conditions of space. The contestants will live in the crafts for a month, having no contact with the outside world, save for a limited amount of communication with “mission control.”

“We’re all extremely excited,” Fox Entertainment President Peter Ligouri told TV critics Thursday in Beverly Hills, Calif. “We hope it’s the next level of where unscripted programming can go.”

“XQuest,” whose title will likely change once the specific mission is worked out, comes from Imagine Entertainment (“Apollo 13,” “24″) and Alexander Seropian, creator of the video game “Halo.” Imagine’s Ron Howard is one of the producers.

Fox says pre-production, including the building of the biocrafts, will take up to a year, and the show will also incorporate CGI effects. The teams will compete on missions, gradually eliminating players until a winner is determined.

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