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Anyone familiar with Level 1 Messaging would understand the importance of distinguishing between important emails and not so important emails. For example, you can set your all your boss’ email to be Level 1, so if you were at home or on lunch you can know exactly when your boss emails you. This allows you to relax on your break instead of constantly checking your email for important messages every few seconds which many of us Blackberry users are guilty of. Ingentes has brought that concept to the next level with Notifire where it allows you even more customization. Read our review below …

There are two different versions of Notifire, a 7100 version and a non-7100 version. The 7100 version is the only handheld that plays polyphonic ringtones whereas the rest will play monophonic.

There is no trial mode so the first thing you need to do is activate the program. We did find a little bug with the activation process, after you activate you will not be taken to the main screen of the program. You will need to exit and then re-enter to start the program.

The initial screen will be a big empty white box with the Notifire logo on the top left. The first thing we need to do is add people’s email address that we want to be notified whenever they send a message. Notifire will use your Address Book information, so for any entry in Notifire you do need an entry in your Address Book. There is no ability to directly add a contact in Notifire and bypass the Address Book, which isn’t too bad because it forces you to keep your Address Book updated.

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