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Houston To Purchase 1,600 Blackberrys

Jul 28, 2005: 

The City of Houston has awarded Cingular Wireless a five-year, $8 million contract to provide voice and data services to employees of America’s fourth largest city. The new contract, which represents about 80 percent of the City’s planned wireless expenditures over the next half-decade, includes the deployment of more than 1,600 EDGE-enabled PC modem cards [...]

Blackjack Buddy Reviewed

Jul 27, 2005: 

At the present moment, Texas Hold’em is the most fashionable game to play but we can’t ignore the old classic of Blackjack. It still is the game with the most favorable odds and has been proven that it can be beaten. The MIT Blackjack Team proved it, a group of students or ex-students from the [...]

RIM Sees 84% Increase In Shipments for Q2

Jul 27, 2005: 

The global market for smart mobile devices continued its meteoric rise in Q2 according to estimates released by Canalys. RIM along with other smart phones manufactuers are enjoying a large demand for their devices while the handheld/PDA market continues to shrink. Compared to last year RIM has seen an 84% increase in shipment, helped by [...]

Nextel Expands Suite of Business Solutions by Providing New GPS Business Productivity Tools for BlackBerry

Jul 27, 2005: 

Businesses using the BlackBerry 7520 Wireless Handheld from Nextel Communications Inc. have new ways to maximize productivity and increase their efficiency with a series of global positioning system (GPS) applications now available. These applications, which are an extension of services previously available on Nextel Assisted-GPS (A-GPS) handsets, enable users to locate and dispatch workers; manage [...]

PocketDay Pro Released

Jul 27, 2005: 

Adding to their already great application PocketDay, Cross River Systems LLC announces the latest addition to the PocketDay family, the Professional Version.
The Professional version adds the following additional functionality to PocketDay:
RSS News Feeds (user defined update frequency)
World Time Clocks (up to 4 Time Zones displayed)
Currency Converter (live conversion rates from the internet)
Email Filing for Corporate [...]

Doodle On Your Blackberry With SpinPen

Jul 26, 2005: 

Do you love to draw or maybe you just like to doodle? SpinPen a free download is a unique new drawing tool that takes advantage the Thumbwheel on your BlackBerry to draw with. You have the choice of drawing in point mode or free mode: Point mode is like drawing from dot to dot, whereas [...]

LiteFeeds Free Blackberry Client Released

Jul 26, 2005: 

LiteFeeds has released a free RSS client for the Blackberry and other java powered phones. Litefeeds works a lot like Bloglines where you manage your feeds and subscriptions via the online website with your computer. Feeds are cached, compressed, and stripped so that they are mobile optimized.
New features include:
* Optimized especially for [...]

Ask Us! Emails Showing Up As Attachments

Jul 26, 2005: 

George Chavez asked us
I’m not too sure how it happen but recently all my emails having been showing up as an attachment. It’s becoming a pain opening up every email as an attachment just to read it.
Any ideas?
This problem can only occur with Blackberry users using Novell Groupwise. It’s when a user specifies Default Read [...]

Speck Products Introduces ToughSkins for Blackberry 7500 Series

Jul 26, 2005: 

Speck Products announces a new line of ruggedized skins for SmartPhones. The ToughSkin rubberized skin for Blackberry 7520 feature rugged protection for tougher environments. Their ruggedized design features a non-slip feel, screen and keypad protection, and a deluxe swivel holster. The unique rugged ‘bumpers’ and molded ergonomic grips improve ‘thumb typing’ and provide maximum [...]

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