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Motorola Unveils Blackberry Competitor

Jul 26, 2005: 

Motorola Inc., the world’s second biggest mobile phone maker, unveiled on Monday an ultra thin mobile phone with a keyboard, aimed at people who have become addicted to Blackberry e-mail and messaging devices.Motorola said the latest handset, dubbed the “Q,” was inspired by the ultra-thin design of its popular Razr phone — which has become [...]

Jon Maddox, Winner Of ‘Favorite Blackberry Program’ Contest

Jul 25, 2005: 

Congratulations to Jon Maddox for winning the ‘Favorite Blackberry Program’ Weekend Contest. For that he gets a freecopy of Premium Wallpapers. Jon Maddox’s favorite Blackberry program is Berry411 the free directory program for the Blackberry handhelds. Jon Maddox wasn’t alone, seems like a lot of other people are a fan of Berry411 with a total [...]

WorldMagic Reviewed

Jul 25, 2005: 

WorldMagic is a program that should be default on your Blackberry. It allows you to display four simultaneous local times for any city in the world. Seeing how the Blackberry is a favorite of many business types this program is essential for the ones that operate and correspond globally. And in the age of globalization [...]

Configure Lightweight Directory Access Protocol for the BlackBerry Enterprise Server

Jul 25, 2005: 

Lightweight Directory Access Protocol, is a tcp/ip protocol that enables users to locate people, organizations, and other resources in an Internet directory or intranet directory. This enables the Blackberry Enterprise Server to use LDAP instead of the default Messaging Application Programming Interface (MAPI) for specific functions. Four registry entries are used to configure the Lightweight [...]

Seven Plans Push Email From Desktop

Jul 25, 2005: 

Seven Networks Inc plans to extend its Personal Edition push email technology from a single user to a workgroup by the end of this year, according to its CEO Kent Thexton. Personal Edition is a desktop-redirect product rather than server-based technology which the Redwood City, California-based company offers in its Server Edition.

Nearly Half of Americans Have Switched Wireless Provider

Jul 25, 2005: 

According to a new survey from the USA based National Consumers League (NCL), many adults in the U.S. are purchasing a wide variety of communication services and are ready to embrace new technologies in the future: 39% of adults who use a landline said they are likely to give it up and use only [...]

Weekend Contest: ‘Favorite Blackberry Program’

Jul 22, 2005: 

This weekend’s contest is entitled ‘Favorite Blackberry Program’. Rules are simple, just post your favorite Blackberry program that you can’t live without. If you don’t have any 3rd party software on your Blackberry then just post BrickBreaker. The winner will be chosen randomly and will be announced Monday morning.
This week’s prize is the Premium Wallpaper [...]

Premium Wallpapers For Your Blackberry

Jul 22, 2005: 

A new feature in OS 4.0 was the ability to add a wallpaper to your home screen and stand by screen. Needless to say a lot of us started playing and changing our home screen. With some of the newer handhelds like the Blackberry 7250 and 7290, RIM was nice enough to include a few [...]

How To Synchronize Your Calender

Jul 22, 2005: 

When we think of Blackberry, we think of full push and synchronize email. For many that’s fine, they only care for and want email on their Blackberry. For others though, they want to have full PIM (Personal Information Management) synchronization. Here’s how to enable wireless calendar synchronization with OS 4.0.
1. From the [...]

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