How To Manually Sync PIM Information


To transfer personal information management (PIM) data from your personal digital assistant (PDA) to a BlackBerry handheld, you must first transfer your data to the application used on your personal computer (Outlook, Lotus Notes or Groupwise mail client).

To transfer information to your handheld:

1. Connect your handheld to your personal computer, using the Universal Serial Bus (USB) or COM port connection.
2. Open the Desktop Manager.
3. Double-click Intellisync. Click on Configure PIM. The Handheld Configuration screen appears.
4. In the Handheld Applications list, highlight one of the PIM applications (for example, Address Book). Click on Choose.
5. Select the appropriate translator from the Available Translators list. Click OK.
6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 for all PIM applications that you want to synchronize. Once you have finished, click OK to close the Handheld
Configuration screen and return to the main Intellisync screen.
7. Select the Synchronize PIM checkbox. Click Synchronize Now. This synchronizes your PIM data to your BlackBerry handheld.

  • Davidjohnson100

    RIM Desktop Manager software. Does anyone know why the MS Outlook option should disappear from the calendar & tasks options (found under 'select device application'), thereby preventing my BB from transfering this data (it did used to work prior to my downloading and subsequently deleting Vs 6)?

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