Send an email to a user within Global Address List


If you’re Blackberry is connected to Blackberry Enterprise Server you may be connected to your company’s Global Address List. Think of the Global Address List as a global contact directory for your entire company. So instead of having hundreds of contacts and slowing your device down, you can just search through the GAL instead. To send an email from the BlackBerry Wireless Handheld to a contact in the company’s Global Address List (GAL), without installing the GAL on the handheld:

1. On the handheld’s Home screen, click Compose. The To screen appears.
2. Scroll to and click Use Once and click Email. The One Time Email screen appears.
3. Type in Jane D, click the trackwheel and click Continue. Complete the email.
4. If Jane Doe is the only Jane in the company, type in the first name only.

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