Weekend Contest: ‘Coolest Place You Used Your Blackberry’


This weekend’s contest is entitled ‘Coolest Place You Used Your Blackberry’. Rules are simple, just post what the coolest or strangest place you have used your Blackberry. The winner will be chosen randomly and will be announced Monday morning.

This week’s prize will be Aces Omaha by Concrete Software - The Omaha game for your Blackberry.

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14 Responses to “Weekend Contest: ‘Coolest Place You Used Your Blackberry’”

  1. 1 Kylie Finch

    I once tried to send a message while in the air. Didn’t work though :(



  3. 3 Dwane Lay

    My truck broke down on the highway. I had just installed the Berry411 Search program, an was able to find a tow and shop very close to me within a couple of minutes. Was a huge help!

  4. 4 Keith Adest

    The coolest place i ever used my blackberry was in a microsoft building. LOL

  5. 5 Jon Maddox

    On the beach, I was able to ssh into my computer to fix an automated task while basking in the sun.

  6. 6 JB

    Used it on the Beach, the boat and taking off and landing in a airplane.

  7. 7 elbastardocalvo

    On a balcony overlooking the Miraflores Locks on the Panama Canal.

  8. 8 Hugh McKerrow

    At our uni “pub”, Wednesday night is trivia night for teams, and the way they play it is that at the start, they ask you this impossible question, that if you get right, you automatically get shortlisted to win - note however that there is a preference to the earliest correct answer handed in. So, one of the other teams actually snuck two team members out to go to the library and look it up… So anyway, I whip out the blackberry, google search it, and there’s your answer… Bar tab anyone?

  9. 9 JP

    I thought this competition was about cool (meaning frigid) places. The two ‘coolest’ places I used my Berry was at the Absolut ice Bar in Stockholm Sweden where the entire bar and glasses are made of solid ice and in a chairlift at Mont-Saint-Anne Ski Resort in Quebec at -50oC (the LCD was a little slow but it still worked!).

  10. 10 Lord_ZealON

    The coolest place i ever used my BB was in the bed, while…….ummm…well, don’t ask me please, rofl.

  11. 11 John C.

    I was just at Jacobs Field watching the Cleveland Indians lose to the NY Yankees when someone next to me was wondering how young Grady Sizemore is. Ha! I love my BB. (BTW he’s 23, but looks 15)

  12. 12 Markus

    The coolest Place I used my Blackberry was just today the DTM-run (german motorsports) at Nuerburgring where I used my BB just as a VW Polo made a Loop through the Air right in front of the tribune.

  13. 13 John Galt

    I was working as a stand-in on the CBS show “Without A Trace” on location at a hospital in Pasadena. One of the stars of the show Enrique Murciano walked by and noticed I had the same Blackberry, so I showed him VeriChat. He loved it and left me his Blackberry so I could install it for him while he did his scene. Then he brought over Anthony Lapaglia who also gave me HIS Blackberry. Now I’ sitting there like a total geek with three of the damn things on my lap and two rabid TV stars following me asking for Blackberry tips. It was fun!

  14. 14 Mark Hutchison

    Are we doing coolest or coldest? If we’re doing coldest, I’d say Timmins in January while ice-fishing on Bigwater Lake. Nothing warms the heart more than ordering one more bottle of rye while the -40 celsius windchill is ripping across the ice.

    Coolest use would have to be answering the bosses email one minute, then taking down the phone numbers of two hot blonds while doing body-shots at the Voodoo lounge in Waterloo.

    Coolest place … I’m going to pick sitting at the top of a young maple, stretched out across the branches, 20 feet off the ground after a 3 hour cross-country bike ride.

    Gotta love these things!

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