Removing Email Accounts From Blackberry Web Client


Your BlackBerry Internet Service or Web Client account can be integrated with up to ten email accounts. The accounts that are supported are POP3, IMAP, Hotmail, Yahoo, and Gmail. If for any reason you wanted to remove an email account do the following:

To remove an integrated email account:

1. Connect to the BlackBerry Internet Service web site and log in to your BlackBerry account.
2. On the navigation bar, click Profile. In the Profile list, click other email accounts.
3. Under the Email Accounts list, check the box beside the email account that you want to remove.
4. Click Delete. You will be prompted with a warning message. Click Yes to continue. This will remove the integrated account from your BlackBerry Internet Service account.

28 Responses to “Removing Email Accounts From Blackberry Web Client”

  1. 1 Dagmara Puddick

    I’ve just got the Blackberry Pearl - through work on Orange - and am having problems setting up my Gmail on it.

    Initially I got onto Gmail via the browser and downloaded the latest Gmail App - however this never worked - it wouldn’t connect properly once it was downloaded (”Network Error: java.langNullPointerException: Cause Unknown” or “Network Unavailable: This programme requires a data connection and some Blackberry devices”)

    So, whilst trying to sort this out I managed to add my Gmail address as an additional email account - so now my Blackberry inbox has my work and my Gmail emails all mixed up - not ideal!

    If anyone can help by letting me know how 1) to delete my gmail address from the Blackberry email accounts and 2) how to make the Gmail App workon the Blackberry Pearl that would be great - Thanks!

  2. 2 samantha

    how do i retrieve my blackberry account user name? when did i create this?

    i forgot what it is so i cant log in to the BlackBerry Internet Service web site

  3. 3 mike

    and if I bought a second hand phone and I don’t now he’s password, I have any solution? Respect for smart people

  4. 4 JR

    I got a blackberry 8330 i want to clear my aol email address
    from my 8330

  5. 5 Doriel Josic

    I need to delete an email address that is setup on my phone but it isn’t showing up on the BlackBerry Internet Service web site. I am able to receive emails but I can’t send them. And I think the reason is because I have duplicate email addresses setup on my phone. I have and

    Here is how it happened.

    I have a blackberry pearl 8130. I had an email account set up and everything was working fine. However, I had to get a new phone (same model) and had to set everything back up. Well I did and everything was working again. However, I realized I wanted to change my signature so I logged into the site ( to change it and realized it was still hooked up to my old phone. So I changed the PIN. That’s when the problem started.

    Now I have two email addresses on my phone. one is and the other is Only is showing up on the BlackBerry Internet Service web site.

    What can I do?



  6. 6 Doriel Josic

    Well, I found a simple fix. Just deleted the that was on the site and created a new one -

  7. 7 Phillippa

    I bought a 2nd hand BB Pearl 8110 and am trying to set up a new email account - i have the PIN info etc but when i put this in on the BlackBerry Internet Service website, it just says there is already an account set up for this PIN. How can i set up a new one for myself and get rid of any previous ones set up on there???

    Many thanks,


  8. 8 Angie

    I am having the same issue. I just purchased a used Pearl and I cannot set up e-mail because the online error tells me there is already an account set up for this pin. help!

  9. 9 Alex

    If anyone finds out how to delete old e-mail addresses from a second hand Blackberry 8300 please, please can you let me know. Thanks

  10. 10 TREV


  11. 11 Trish

    I too have the problem of deleting e-mails. In my search I found this site, but while waiting for the site to load a went through the applications on the blackberry pearl and there is an icon that looks like a letter with a gear and a red arrow pointing to the right - it is the e-mail set-up icon. When I clicked on it I was able to delete the unwanted e-mail account. I hope this helps!

  12. 12 Rick

    Delete accounts via OPTIONS > Advanced Options > Service Book

  13. 13 ken

    Thanks Rick for the insight. I had twoo blackberry acounts on my phone and your fix it worked. Thanks Again

  14. 14 trey

    I had changed providers and used the device switch user from the desktop manager and it put my old provider’s sprint.blackberry email account on the phone. I removed the previous providers email account from the phone via Options>Advanced Options>Service Book>highligted the previous providers email account address, pressed Delete on the keypad, confirmed the deletion. There were two sprint.blackberry addresses to delete.


  15. 15 maria gualberti

    dear rick,

    yesterday i recevd a blackberry pearl 8100 from a lady who knew i was in need of a phone..she was very nice to give me her old pearl..she has like 3 email accounts in the phone and i cant delete them…first of alll, the phone is a litte hard for me…i am really having a hard time sending regular texts and i think i just got the phone to recognize my sim card so i am able to access my phonebook…is there a way i can delete her email accounts…..i dont have any of her passwords..all i know is that when i press the menu button, next to the address book there is an icon that looks like an envelope with a little globe in the right hand corner and at the bottom of the screen her email address shows up also could you please tell me what EQO is and means…i do not have the internet on my phone..i use my phone for texting my kids and my phonebook…now i feel all happy cause i have a camera phone which i have never had before…any help you can give i would greatly appreciate.

  16. 16 Wendy Bradley

    Just bought a Blackberry 7100x on Ebay and can’t seem to get started cos it’s asking me for an email and password. I’ve emailed the seller but no response so far. I don’t think I’ve been sold a dodgy phone, it seems to be in very good condition but it’s frustrating because I can’t seem to get started.
    Can anyone help pelase?
    I’m thinking it must be something simple like over-riding the username and password but I may be wrong.

  17. 17 hydraulic jacks

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    p.s. You have an awesome template for your blog. Where did you find it?

  18. 18 Octavia

    I bought a second hand blackberry storm that already had emails with it. I deleted the emails following Rick’s directions. So i got rid of them, when I tried to setup my email through setup wizard it says a pin already exist for the account what can I do about that??


  19. 19 Juan

    hola yo tengo el mismo problema, lo compre por ebay y ya tenia una cuenta de correo electronico creada, no se como borrarla para colocar mi email. y si entro en opciones > opciones avanzadas > servicios de libros no se cual debo eliminar para borrar definitivamente esa cuenta. por favor alguien puede decirme cual debo borrar?

  20. 20 Heather

    I tried Rick’s fix…the hotmail address I want to delete isn’t in the servicebook, yet I keep receiving the emails for that address. I want to delete that hotmail address out -

  21. 21 Alexandra

    Hi…I have a blackberry storm and wanted to make sure that when I delete an email account from my bb that it will not be deleted all together.

  22. 22 Kha Ta

    I have the exact same problem as Dagmara Puddick, except I’m trying to uninstall my yahoo email from my work BB. Because it is a work phone, I tried using my work email address to log into the Blackberry Internet Service Website but it doesn’t recognize it. Any further advice?

  23. 23 kritter

    I am having the same problem. I’ve deleted the email account from Service, but I’m still getting the emails. I’m not able to set up my email account. Help please!!!

  24. 24 stephanie

    rick is awesome!

  25. 25 geoff

    Thanks Rick for you post:

    ‘How to delete email accounts from blackberry without using online manager’.

    Delete accounts via OPTIONS > Advanced Options > Service Book

    So awesome, really appreciate the help.


  26. 26 Hayley Jervis

    Can somebody please help??

    I have a Blackberry Storm and managed to set up my work emails on it via Outlook Web Access, however, after a couple of months I decided to delete the email account on my phone as I felt I didnt really need it. A few weeks after I decided to set my the email account back up on my Blackberry because I was off work for the week so thought it would be useful, however, I cannot add this email again, it just keeps asking me to check the information is correct and the annoying thing is I know the info is correct. Does anybody know why this may be??

  27. 27 Tom

    I tried to delete my Yahoo! e-mail account from my BB Storm using Rick’s suggestion but it didn’t work for me. I had to go to SETUP, then E-MAIL SETTINGS, then delete my Yahoo! e-mail account where it appears on the top of that page. Hope this helps.

  28. 28 Kelly

    Thanks for the info on the deleting ,,, still I am havning issues witgh retrieving my user name .Can someone please help

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