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RemindME Review

When we were younger we had the luxury of having our mothers remind us about things we needed to do, catch the bus, go to soccer or band practice, do our homework, etc. Fortunately most of us developed a sense of organization but in these days were 50, 60, and even 70 hour work weeks are common it is more and more difficult to get our things in order. It is the nature of today’s rat race, over worked where we start losing our minds and forgetting things, be it business or persona items. I’m sure most us have that sentiment of being tied down to the office, and it’s only amplified by carrying a Blackberry. So today we review RemindME, a simple program that can make life easier …

What it comes down to is RemindME is a glorified To Do program. Unlike the built-in To Do program, RemindME allows you to be notified by a ring or vibration. This one feature makes a world of a difference and makes you wonder why RIM didn’t add this feature in by default. In all likeliness RIM would probably add this in the next OS update but until then we will need to rely on RemindME.

RemindME’s interface is simple and easy to follow. To do items are listed and categorized by date. To do items that have been completed will show a green checkmark, whereas the one’s still needed to be done will show a gray box. Adding items is also a simple process where you enter the date and time and choose if there’s any reoccurrence of the event. A nice feature is that you can add a call reminder directly from your Address Book, so when the alert dialogue pops up it has their number to call. We did find it disappointing that there was no direct email reminder, hopefully the developers will add this in the future. Another feature that is lacking is the ability to set priority to To Do items.

If you’re a person that needs to be reminded to check your To Do list then this program is definitely for you. The one feature where it notifies you by ring or vibration is priceless.

RemindME is available for $20.00 at Neon Toad,

Visit the following pages for screenshots …

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2 Responses to “RemindME Review”

  1. Guest
    August 15th, 2005 23:13

    I’m sure this program has some advantages over the built-in Tasks app, but the RIM app DOES provide for ring/vibrate reminders (at least in the 7100).

  2. BB Lover
    August 16th, 2005 03:46

    RemindME is cool how it interects with the Contacts list and with the phone. I like it a lot. The RIM built-in Tasks app does have reminders, but not as powerful as those in RemindME. I really like this little utility and would recommend it to anyone who wants to keep reminders out of their calendar.

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