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RSVP Review

RSVP is an application for the Blackberry that streamlines the process of responding to phone calls and SMS messages. RSVP keeps track of all phone calls and SMS messages received and originated. It allows you to easily view all the incoming and missed calls and easily get back in touch with them with a single click. Even though there is already the ability to filter just phone calls by pressing Shift+P in your message window, RSVP does do things a bit differently. Read our review to see what …

Like we mention, RSVP keeps track of SMS and Phone calls, it does not keep track of emails which probably is a good thing because the built-in email program is perfect. It is after all what made the Blackberry so successful. The SMS feature probably wouldn’t be used by many, seeing how most Blackberry users exclusively use email for messaging. So that just leaves us with RSVP being used to track phone logs.

What RSVP does is run in the background, whenever a call is received it logs it and displays it on the main screen. If the person that’s calling is in your address book then it will show the appropriate icon. So if the person was calling from work it will display a building, from their mobile it will display a cell phone, and other icons for a fax and home number.

Placing a call is where RSVP shines, it only takes one click to call someone back or you can hold the track wheel and call other numbers listed for the contact. So if your wife called from work but has now left, you can hold the track wheel and select to call her mobile instead.

What this program does is offer convenience, nothing really new is offered with RSVP. You can already filter your phone and SMS log, you can do 1-click calling if you’re in the phone screen, and there is already the ability to easily call separate numbers for the same contact.

RSVP is available for $14.95 at Neon Toad,

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