Orative Launches Software on Blackberry Platform


When Orative Corp. launches its software for mobile voice and e-mail devices next week, it won’t debut on Microsoft Corp.’s popular Windows mobile platform that runs dozens of different handheld devices. Instead, it will appear on Research In Motion Ltd.’s much more exclusive BlackBerry platform.

Increasingly, third-party developers such as Orative are realizing they can’t ignore the growing popularity of RIM’s technology if they want to sell software for handheld devices.

“We have to look at input from our customers and be very focused on what they ask for. Today, what they are saying is the converged device they wanted is RIM,” said Paul Fulton, chief executive officer of Orative.

The Silicon Valley startup says its “presence” software helps callers connect more quickly in the business world, where odds are three-to-one against getting a live voice on the other end of the line.

For years, success in the computer industry has depended on having a large enough community of independent software developers, such as those at Orative, creating new ideas and products that will run on a proprietary platform.

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