MazeMania Review


For the most of us, we stopped trying to solve mazes when we stopped ordering the kids meal. However there’s no denial about the entertainment value that is provided when trying to solve a difficult maze puzzle. So ExCellApps Inc. has come out with a maze program for the Blackberry called MazeMania. Read our mini review below …

MazeMania is a Random maze generator, each time you start new maze it will be unique adding to the increase playability. What we found is that sometimes the program would generate mazes that would take a minute to solve whereas other times it takes 10 or more minutes. Mazes also come in 10 different shapes from a smiley face to a house, but we found playing the square map to be the hardest because it generated more possible pathways. It was a nice touch for the developers to add in different maze shapes but in the end you will just be going back to the square shape which offers the greatest difficulty.

The controls of the game are very simple, scroll the wheel to move up and down and hold alt + wheel to move left and right. Your path is highlighted which makes the game a bit easier. The developers could have made the game a bit more challenging by offering users the ability to turn off the highlighting.

This game is fun, well as fun as solving mazes could be. You’re obviously not going to be trading in Battle Field 2 for MazeMania but MazeMania does have some value when you need to pass the time. You are also only paying $4.99 for MazzMania compared t0 $50 for BF2.

MazeMania is available for $4.99 at Neon Toad,

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