Unlocking Blackberry 7100


Sim Card Unlock
If you are ever going to be travelling overseas with your Blackberry and require phone service you will need to unlock your handheld so it can connect to other networks. Thanks to volcomwrx, he has outlined the steps below:

To Unlock:

1. On the Home screen, click the Tools icon. The Options screen appears.

2. In the tools screen, select the Settings icon.

3. Scroll to SIM Card and select it. You should see the phone number and the SIM ID number.

4. Type ‘meppd’ to display the first five levels of SIM locking. T-Mobile uses network locking so the Network should display Active. All other states should display Disabled

5. Type ‘mepp2′ to display the dialog box asking for the unlock code (Press the Alt + 2 key to get the number 2)

6. Input the SIM Unlock code (16 digits provided by carrier)

7. Press ENTER and reboot handheld.

193 Responses to “Unlocking Blackberry 7100”

  1. 1 Jeffrey Bacon

    So, um, anyone got the list of unlock codes for carriers? =)

  2. 2 Grillikioski

    did I have to unlock my bb before I travel from germany to canada?

  3. 3 Tysonb

    What a joke - “to unlock your 7100, ask your provider for the code - in case all they give you is the code, we have publised the steps here for your convenience”

    Thanks for the TIP!

    Is this not a simple ‘headline ploy’?

  4. 4 dave

    does anyone have the unlock code for tmobile 7100 t ? send to kingloose@gmail.com

  5. 5 eQwatT

    I have 2 questions for you guys.

    1-Is this procedure compatible to unlock the BB 7290?

    2- Does anyone know the unlock code for BB SUNCOM 7290?

    Thank you in advance for your help.

  6. 6 pedro leon

    what about the 7110t is it the same procedure for unlocking as the 7100

    Please advice.

  7. 7 Utt

    Does this work for 7100g too?

    Also, am looking for the unlocking code for the Sony Ericsson Z500a (current provider is Cingular).


  8. 8 taz

    would anyone happen to know the unlock code for the blackberry 7100T. I bought a SIM locked phone from the grey market…am not in the US…and the phone is locked to T-Mobile.


  9. 9 Spikey

    Procedure doesn’t work for 7105t. Anybody has atip for unblocking BB 7105t? Thanks.

  10. 10 Russ

    The procedure in this article works. T-Mobile will provide the unlock code if you ask customer support (took 7 days) and the key sequences work just as described. The unlock code is specific to the IMEI number of the unit. I have unlocked my 7100t using this and put a Cingular SIM in it, and it works fine. A few things need adjusting, like the Theme and the default website, and a few things are specific to the firmware, like the T-Mobile site showing up as a link in the browser, but beyond those few things, it is working great.

    A question - do these same key sequences (Steps 4 and 5) work with other T-Mobile Blackberry models, like the 6230 and 7230?

  11. 11 kevin

    I received these instructions from T-mobile, as well as the unlock code they sent to me an email.

    I have a cingular SIM card that I placed in this phone. When I get to the part where I am supposed to type ‘meppd’ I am not allowed to type anything. All I see is “No valid SIM card”

    Any ideas what im doing wrong?

  12. 12 Joffrey

    Anyone know the unlock code for a Sony Ericsson Z500a. I bought it from a friend who had Cingular service and am trying to convert to T-Mobile but everytime I put my Sim in it says “Insert Sim.” Any ideas? Or what am I doing wrong? Please send responses to iwantuwell@hotmail.com. Thanks

  13. 13 pio

    I requested the unlock code from vodafone and i’m still waiting…
    but i’ve got a question:
    Is it possible to insert the code to unlock the phone without having a valid vodafone simcard? Is there any other way from step no 3?

  14. 14 Ken

    I need the unlock code for a Blackberry 7280, currently set up for Cingular and I want to switch carriers.

  15. 15 JUSTIN


  16. 16 Gee

    I need the unlock code for a Blackberry 7280, currently set up for AT&T.

  17. 17 anthony

    i need the unlock code for a Blackberry 7100. email me at houstonmeza@aol.com if u can help

  18. 18 Jacko

    If you have an account with tmobile usa, call customer care. they will research and send you your unlock code at no cost as long as you have had an account for 3 months.

    Cingular/AT&T may be more difficult - there are many blog postings about inability to get unlock codes from them.

  19. 19 dave

    please i need your help about my phone blackberry 7100v which i bought in uk but i sent it down to Nigeria where i got to know that that my younger one could not even access his network there…….please, how can this phone be used in another country or what can i do so that we can use this phone in Nigeria… please i love the phone help me

  20. 20 syed

    Is there any one who can help me unlocking the Blackberry 7290, it was previously used in cingular network now I want to use in T-mobile network.

    Please help me
    my email address: shimam@hotmail.com

  21. 21 angela

    I have the blackberry 7290, it was previously with AT&T… I switched companies and am using the same blackberry for my new company. i received a new sim from cingular, however, the sim is showing as invalid. Do you know how i would go about getting the unlock code? thank you!!!

  22. 22 Rey

    T-Mobile service will provide the unlock codes to subscribers or former subscribers who were in good standing (paid bills) for at least 90 days. Cingular will also provide unlock codes for their current Cingular clients who tell them they need to use their phone overseas (outside USA) and want to use a local gsm phone provider while overseas. Cingular will not provide unlock codes for AT&T wireless phones even though they now own and service AT&T wireless customers. They are trying to get all AT&T wireless plan users to change over to Cingular wireless plans and equipment.

    I have found one site: http://www.gsmlocker.com that seems to be able to unlock Blackberry devices and many others, but for a very steep fee of $129.00 Too much for me, but perhaps others will be interested. Good Luck to all.

    PS: EBay has many reasonably priced listings for BB devices unlocked and in many cases new and in the box.

  23. 23 JJ

    I am looking to unlock my blackberry 7280. When I followed the directions above, I found my SIM card indicated “security disabled”, just as the screen above says.
    Is there more to unlocking the blackberry?

    After my reseach online it seems GSMLOCKER.COM is the only place to get the blackberry unlocked.

  24. 24 Tim

    I have a BB 7100g from cingular, i don’t have the SIM card from them though. Can i unlock it to use it with a t-mobile sim card and does anyone have an unlock code or codes?
    Thank you in advance!

  25. 25 GQz

    Can anyone help me with the BB7700 from nextel???
    i need to unlock


  26. 26 Kaytalium

    i’m in jamaica and i still cannot unlock my BB, i have followed the steps but at for code i have no access to it, model phone is BB7100t

    if any one have the unlock code can you send it to me please.

  27. 27 Laura

    Hi, we have started a new unlocking website for Vodafone unlock codes. You can visit the Blackberry section from the following url:


    All step-by-step instructions are provided.

    Please feel free to ask any questions or submit any requests/improvments you may think of.

    Thank you for reading.


  28. 28 rachel

    I am following the steps however on sim card when i type meppd nothing happens, what am i doing wrong? do i need to edit something and then write, what option do i select :ID or phone number to type, i tried both but didnt work

  29. 29 richard

    I have a blackberry 7230 for tmobile, but I am using cingular network. Anybody want to swap a cingular 7230 for my tmobile 7230? I am in LA area. silverknight1@hotmail.com

  30. 30 mohammad

    looking for Blackberry 7100g (Cingular) unlocking code.If anyone has it, it would be much appreciated. I want to use the phone for T-Mobile.


  31. 31 Modchip

    Will trade my Cingular 7290 for your T-mobile 7290. Email modchip@mindspring.com for info. I am in GA.

  32. 32 Robert

    I have a BB7290 from Cingular, and just switched to T-movile, but can’t get unlocking code.

    would anyone be interested in swaping devices?
    let me know, am in NY city area.

  33. 33 rob

    Yes sure, i have a blackberry 7100t for tmobile if you are interested in swapping e-mail me @ rhelinger(at)verizon.net

  34. 34 rob

    mohammad- would you be interested in swapping a 7100t (tmobile) for your cingular 7100g? if so e-mail me @ rhelinger(at)verizon.net

  35. 35 Denise

    Can’t unlock my 7280 either, anyone interested in swapping my AT&T/Cingular BB-7280 for a T-Mobile comparable version.


  36. 36 aarkayne

    will swap AT&T 5810 device for a T-mobile 5810 device. Live in the Minneapolis-ST.Paul area. please email st_nick”at”charter”dot”net

    please replace :

    “at” by ‘@’
    “dot” by ‘.’

    for email address.


  37. 37 D Wood

    Does anyone have the unlock code for BlackBerry 7100i? If you do PLEEEASE HELP me….Thanx
    hit me up at persiankang06@blackplanet.com

  38. 38 Adrian

    I have blackberry 7290 (RIM). Anyone can give information how to lock this 7290. I live ini Jakarta (Indonesia)…. thanks

  39. 39 Robbie

    if some one can help me unlock RIM 7280, sincere thanks.


  40. 40 abel

    can anyone please help me get unlock codes for a blackberry 7100t im in europe and i’ve tried everything someone please send me the codes at abistrian@yahoo.com

  41. 41 chris

    Need a code and procedure for unlocking a blackberry 7105t by t-mobile. have asked stateside t-mobile several times and am still waiting.
    thanks, chris

  42. 42 pkpotluri

    hai i have got blackberry 7100x on 02 network so can anyone unlock this mobile please reply

  43. 43 Kendall

    Do anyone have the sim lock for Blackberry 7100g. My phone has a white screen saying “Abort Exception Reset” If anyone has the code please sented it to Kendall_Daniels@yahoo.com

  44. 44 Aldona

    I’ll trade T-Mobile BB 7290 for Cingular 7290. NYC area.
    Please email info@transfer4you.com

  45. 45 shoaib

    Is there any one who can help me unlocking the Blackberry 7105t, it was previously used in T-mobile network.

    Please help me
    my email address: shabi16@hotmail.com

  46. 46 RLC


    if anyone has a code for unlocking a T-Mobile Blackberry 7100t, please help me out. My address is rlcjr@midsouth.rr.com

  47. 47 kerry

    Does anyone have the unlock code for a 7105t that has a T Mobile lock?
    Please email me at Kerrypf4@aol.com


  48. 48 BB Unlocking

    We can unlock over 30 different Blackberry models. Visit http://www.bbunlocking.com.

  49. 49 Mark

    I got my blackberry 7100 T-mobile remotely unlock from here

  50. 50 kevin

    thanks cellularclinic>com was really helpfull.
    unlocked my 7100t.

  51. 51 mehdi

    Great. got 7100V unlocked.
    cellularclinic.com is ok. they are reliable.

  52. 52 M.Raees

    i unlock mine 7290 from http://www.cheapunlock.com they are very cheap.

  53. 53 John

    i have bb 7290 from uk,im working in malaysia.i cant use the phone invalid simcard…anyone can help me to get the code
    PIN= 24F8BDFA
    plzzz someone help me,already 2 month i cant use this phone..please E-mail me the CODE route_mambo@yahoo.com or route_mambo@lycos.com

  54. 54 Kevin

    Can someone please help me unlock my 7280 bb please i bought it off ebay it was supposed to be unlocked someone help…

  55. 55 CARLOS


  56. 56 Sparsh

    I have BlackBerry 7100t.

    I want the unlock code

  57. 57 Cammer

    I would like to know if anyone has ever gotten a unlock code for free and if there is a site that provides a free service… If not there needs to be one!

    ANYWAY - I have an old Blackberry 6230 from T-Mobile. I bought it a couple of months ago and it was supposed to be unlocked. SURPRISE! It’s not. I have Cingular - Any chance of getting an unlock code from someone?



  58. 58 Todd

    Would anyone be kind enough to send me the unlock code for my bb 7100t. my email in tevans987@yahoo.com
    Thank you.

  59. 59 williams

    Is there any one who can help me unlock the Blackberry 7290, it was previously used in cingular network now I want to use it in T-mobile network.

  60. 60 lorenzo

    I have 4 units the blackberry 7100t, it was previously with t mobile… I switched companies and am using the same blackberry for my new company. i received a new sim, however, the sim is showing as invalid. Do you know how i would go about getting the unlock code? thank you!!! how much price?



  61. 61 Michael Ho

    I bought a Blackberry Vodafone 7100v from a public auction in Singapore.

    The phone is locked.

    Could someone be kind enough to send me the unlock code and send it to me through: mike97@singnet.com.sg



  62. 62 Michael Ho

    I bought a Blackberry Vodafone 7100v from a public auction in Singapore.

    The phone is locked.

    Pin: 20278056
    IMEI: 354593.00.098914.1

    Could someone be kind enough to send me the unlock code and send it to me through: mike97@singnet.com.sg



  63. 63 calin

    Hi, I have an 7290, with Vodafone logo, but it doesn’t recognize my sim. It is also an vodafone, but for another country.

    If ypu wanna help me, I’ll provide some flash design to you ( I am webdesigner).
    Write ASAP at calintwf@yahoo.com.

  64. 64 DJ

    how do u get the unlock code for the 7100g? viperslax6@yahoo.com

  65. 65 fatwing

    Hi, I have an 7100x, with O2 logo, but i will go to HK. i want to unlock my BB use in H.K.
    thank you

  66. 66 Rick

    I need a tmobile unlock code for blackberry 7100t
    please email me at bbcw@bellsouth.net

    much appreciated

  67. 67 Chris

    I need a tmobile unlock code for a BlackBerry 7100t. Or, I will swap someone my 7100t for a 7100g. chris.lorenzo@comcast.net

  68. 68 Raees

    hii everybody,its seems everyone want to unlock blackberry with free solution,but there no free solution till date for blackberry.You need to purchase unlock code or credit for online client to be able to unlock yourself.Also need a data cable which came with bb. for more details see this website its only $22 http://www.cheapunlock.com/blackberry.htm

  69. 69 harin

    my blackberry is from o2 so what i have to do to unlock it

  70. 70 Edward

    I received these instructions from T-mobile, as well as the unlock code they sent to me an email.

    I have another SIM card that I placed in this mobile phone. When I get to the part where I am supposed to type ‘meppd’ I am not allowed to type anything. All I see is “No valid SIM card”

    Any ideas what im doing wrong?

  71. 71 kazir

    thanks for leting me know about this website cellularclinic.com they unlock my Blackberry PEARL 8100r remotely. this blog is good.

  72. 72 mo

    can some body stop this listing of phone prices on this blog. we got your message just do not put too much so people hate doing business with you. you look confuse or desparate for business.

  73. 73 me

    These guys unlocked my BlackBerry Cell phone in like 2 minutes!


    Not sure what everyone else was talking about ?? I thought it was about unlocking your blackberry??

  74. 74 Nav

    I have got Black Berry 7100 T .. using it from past one year.
    Got it unlocked from T-mobile, using it in India.
    Recently I got a strange problem with my phone … it was hung, coulodn’t do anything with it.
    Rebooted the phone by removing the battery, phone came up, clearead all the logs .. but it is not getting the network.
    Any time it says searcing for network and never detects my service provider.
    It does get the notifications from my service provider but not the network.
    I reset the device by selecting wipe handled device in security option.
    Still the problem continies …
    Do I need to again unlock the phone ?
    I have the unlock code with me
    tired the procedure provided in this site for unlock.
    I’m not getting the option which asks for entering the unlock code when I enter MEP2 …
    Please help e in fixing this problem


  75. 75 me

    these guys are the cheapest and the fastest remote unlocking i have used to date.


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  80. 80 david

    can someone plz help me i keep getting a mesage saying my handheld is lock on my bb8700 but i never had a code placed onto it … mail me plz david_rolle15@hotmail.com… thanks

  81. 81 Ian

    I bought a Rogers Blackberry 7100r on E-bay. Ad said it was unlocked but my FIDO SIM card would not work. I got the message “invalid SIM card”. Fido had told me before I bought that the Rogers Blackberry would work. Does anyone know how to unlock the 7100r?

    Please e-mail me at mian@aci.on.ca

  82. 82 daniel_san

    I’m from Romania and i have a black berry 8700 c ,i can’t decode this phone in Romania someone can help me please

  83. 83 gene

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  84. 84 charl

    please can someone tell me howtounlock my blackberry 7290. its locked to vodafone.

  85. 85 charl

    please can someone tell me howtounlock my blackberry 7290. its locked to vodafone.
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  86. 86 Daniel

    Please can someone help me unlock my 7100v. Need a code urgently! Thanks danshap18@gmail.com

  87. 87 Brandon

    I have a Blackberry 7100t locked to tmobile, i need someone who will trade there locked (cingular) blackberry7100t. if u have one just email me at navyguy12180@yahoo.com

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    Kindly,SOS in the cause of unlocking my bb7130g please I need your assistant urgent

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  89. 89 Caryn

    I have a Blackberry Pearl 8100 and I followed the first step on there and it worked but then when I go to type the code with the two on the end of it I don’t get the dialog box that they are talking about. does anyone know what I am doing wrong?

  90. 90 Joe

    I have a Nextel 7100i for nextel with a Boost sim card. My walkie talkie works but I cant place phone calls. I’m pretty sure it’s because its locked. The meppd step to get the first five levels of unlocking worked, but then when I tried to enter the mepp2 it didn’t work. Where’s the alt key anyway?

  91. 91 Jill

    I have a blackberry 7290, anyone have the unlock code? please email me at jilltcnj@hotmail.com.

  92. 92 Drew

    bb 7290 - imei 354222004657336

  93. 93 t

    blackberry 7290
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  94. 94 Drew

    i have a t-moblie blackberry 7105t and wanting to unlock it and t-mobile wont send me anything can anyone help ataylor0108@kctcs.edu

  95. 95 zeuss

    I have a Blackberry 7100
    The phone is locked
    IMEI: 357163.00.056633.6

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  96. 96 Jay

    I have a Blackberry 7100x
    The phone is locked

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  97. 97 Maks

    Please can someone help me unlock my (vodafone)Blackberry 7100v! Thanks
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    I have a Blackberry 8100 pearl (T-MOBILE)
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  99. 99 Blair

    I have a cingular bb 7100g- unlocked…can anyone tell me how to flash to cricket? Thanks

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  101. 101 Austine

    I have a bb 7150t made in mexico .it is locked with t-mobile.i am using it in india.When i use a local sim it says an invalid sim.please help me to unlock the mobile .

  102. 102 aachu

    Please help me to unlock my mobile. T-mobile Blackberry 7105t.I can not use local sim.When i use it says invalid sim.Please help meeeeeee.Advanced thanks for helping me.

  103. 103 Youassanyne

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  104. 104 zack

    yeea i have a bb 7105t from tmoblie n they wont send me a unlock code can anyone help me cuz im goin over seas

  105. 105 vital

    need a code for blackberry 7290,IMEI: 354222.00.3678002

  106. 106 monica

    Does anyone know how to unlock a blackberry pearl 8100 is from tmobile but i want to use it with cingular. thank you

  107. 107 steve

    i did everything that it says and still dont work my network is nextel blackberry 7100i

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    I got mine unlocked at the BlackBerry unlock code server here
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  109. 109 jessica

    i need the code for the blackberry 8100 plz. if anyone has it , it would help me a lot.I’m using s cingular sims in a blackberry suncom phone it says incorrect sims plz help.

  110. 110 jessica

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  111. 111 shasta

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  112. 112 steve-o

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    ANything you can help with is greatly appreciated. I will ALSO TRADE an equal value ATT 7920 BB.

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  114. 114 Teejay

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  115. 115 sam

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    AT&T Blackberry Pearl
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  121. 121 GregMack49

    Hello, can anyone tell how to config a working browser on my 7290 blackberry. When I try to go to the net, I get a error message, that say no browser found. The phone was a cingular now I using tmobile.

  122. 122 luke

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  125. 125 Twilley

    I recently purchased a blackberry pearl off ebay.. If some with t-mobile could please help me out by getting the unlock code for me it would be greatly appreciated..
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  127. 127 Eddie Rod

    I have a TMobile 7100 and would like to use it on ATT. Would you know how to unlock the phone?

  128. 128 Eddie Rod

    I have a blackberry 7100 which someone gave me for the tmobile network. I use ATT/Cingular network. Would you know how to unlock the tmobile blackberry so I can use it on ATT?

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  141. 141 Vladi

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    And don’t post your IMEI numbers for everyone to see.


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    i have a bb that had a security code on it
    and now its locked to access the phone at all
    does anyone know how to unlock it
    and then to unlock the phone to other carriers??

    if you can help me please email me at.


    thank you for your help!!

  144. 144 lifeprodigy

    i have a blackberry pearl with tmobile and have tried unsuccessfully to unlock it. im not a tmobile customer so they wont send it to me. is there a tmobile customer, or anyone who can help get it, that would be willing to call tmobile and get this for me. if so, you can reach me at


    ill provide the imei then as i see it a kinda foolish to post for everyone. help would be greatly appreciated.

  145. 145 alexis vasquez

    hi, looking to switch to a blackberry 7100t my mom gave me that was her old phone. i’m a single mom, trying to stay as connected as possible.

    IMEI: 354529.00.035082.7
    PIN: 201A319E

    pls email me at alexismae@gmail.com

    thanks in advance for your help.


  146. 146 bhavesh patel

    i have blackberry 7100t mobile . but unfortunately my mobile was locked.can u favor me my blackberry 7100t mobile IMEI NO IS :354529001060680. PLS GIVE ME MY PHONE UNLOCKING CODE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. SEND ME UNLOCKING CODE ON MY MAIL.

  147. 147 ero

    i have bb 8100 imei: 354580013265965. i need unlock code.
    my email erolbayram@gmail.com

    thank you

  148. 148 ALAN MOSES


  149. 149 Vanezza

    Hi guys I have a 7100i blackberry nextel, and i wishh to know is there is a unlocking code to get to the networks in mexico, i travel alot to Mexico and I allways loose signal there… can somebody tell me if there is something to do?

  150. 150 Sabas

    I have 3 black berry 8100
    where I can get unlock code
    please help me out.


  151. 151 JET

    does anyone have the unlock codes for a blackberry 7100 on Cincinnati Bell’s network.
    Email me at jtreft@tkf.com.

  152. 152 MARIO

    How do you work out the unlock code from the IMEI number?

  153. 153 Former Suncom Customer

    I am a previous SunCom customer. SunCom gave me a terrible runaround when trying to get an unlock code for my pearl. I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau online. SunCom had someone call me to get my IMEI number and later called me back with the code for my phone. If SunCom is trying to screw you over, try doing that.

  154. 154 Kohl

    I have had a Blackberry 7290 for almost a year and cannot use it as it was left to me from an aunt in Canada. The local guys could not unlock it and Blackberry does not have offices here in zimbabwe so i am stuck with it and cannot use it. Its from Rogers Canada.

    Please may someone email me the unlock code if they have it kohlsb@gmail.com.



  155. 155 Cosmin

    I need help, can anyone please send me an unlok code for a 7100g that was bloked on cingular. i receved the phone as a present from a friend from USA and now i am in romania.
    my imei is 354594001387186
    pin is 202fdba8
    please help me, i realy want to use this phone.
    email cosmin_galben@yahoo.com

  156. 156 Chyna

    Why can’t anybody provide me with a free BlackBerry Unlock code?

  157. 157 Cosmin

    please help me with an unloking code, is very urgent and important. My details are just above.

  158. 158 laron

    i have an suncom blackberry 8120 can i receive a code because i switched to att and want to use the same phone

  159. 159 Eddie

    I have a T-Mobile Blackberry 7105t imei:358053000373214 that i would like to use on any other service provider can you send me and unlock code. TIA

  160. 160 yanni

    can sombody send me a free unlock code for blackberry 8100 T mobile

  161. 161 yanni
  162. 162 HCarson

    Can someone please help me unlock my blackberry 7100i? It’s a nextel. If you can, e mail me at roxysrf5106@yahoo.com. Thanks!!!

  163. 163 Charlloe

    I live in Canada and I have a 7100i on the Nextel network and I need to unlock so it I can use it on Telus if you can help please send me a email @ rockforties@hotmail.com

  164. 164 Primer

    Could someone please help me !!

    I have a blackberry 7100i locked on Nextel

    IMEI: 010000929548200

    please mail me for help KillaBee@gmx.de

    thanks in advance.

  165. 165 stephanos

    Hello.Bought a blackberry 7100 T Mobile on eBay and is locked.Can anybody have any instructions how to unlock it please.Your help will be appreciated.Thanks

  166. 166 robert

    were is the 16 digit sim unlock number at. do i have to call to get it or is it on the box my phone came with.?

  167. 167 robert


  168. 168 Ashwin Singh

    Yea, does anyone have a list of codes from the carriers … that is what’s essential here … ciao

  169. 169 Anthony

    I need a code for a bb 8310 if anyone has one please send to anthjamre@yahoo.com

  170. 170 Mike Shanley

    Does anyone know how to unlock Blackberry 7100i, it was issued by Nextel. send response to mgshanley@mail.com Thanks

  171. 171 Lucky

    may you please help me on how to obtain my network MEP code

  172. 172 RAUL

    i have a BB 7100i by nextel i need unlock who can helpme, no have code no have nothing

  173. 173 PARISSKY

    i have a bb 7100i nextel sprint.does anyone have an unlock code so that i can use on at&t sim card. travel to the uk alot need to be able to use it there. help please!!

  174. 174 Craig

    I have a At&t pantech duo does anyone have the unlock code so I can use my suncom sim card in it

  175. 175 shaggy

    I need the unlock code for my bb 7100i nextel would like to use at&t service plese help

  176. 176 shaggy

    if you can help me out my e-mail is robertdeadman&yahoo.com

  177. 177 wicho

    hello i have a 7100i, i can type meppd, but mepp2 dont, how can do that? write me to diazangulo@hotmail.com thnks

  178. 178 jayr

    please help me unlock my phone..

    bb 7100r
    my imei no is 355156000386962

    email me @ jayrhimura@yahoo.com

  179. 179 Dennis

    I have a Nextel Blackberry 7100i..Does and one have the unlock code? sixxplayya@yahoo.com

  180. 180 cye

    Does anyone have the unlock code for BlackBerry 7100t? If you do PLEEEASE HELP me¦.Thanx
    hit me up at cy_3_li@yahoo.com

  181. 181 April

    I just bought a blackberry 7100i and I have boost service. When I put my SIM card in the blackberry, it lets me use the phone and the walkie-talkie. However, I can’t send or receive text messages. But when I put the card back into my boost phone, it’ll send all the texts that were sent to my phone when I had it in the blackberry. They just don’t come through on the blackberry. IDK… it’s frustrating. And i don’t know how the whole unlocking thing works or if I have to do that or whatever. Does anyone know how to make this work? I’d REALLY appreciate it if anyone that knows could email me @ aprilderuiter@hotmail.com

  182. 182 shaggy

    Thanks guys,

    I order an unlock code from http://www.freeyourcellphone.com

    They Unlocked my Blackberry curve 8320

    every other company I purchased from said there was NO CODE available
    for my curve.

    I ordered from them and they sent the code in a couple hours.

    My curve is finally unlocked

    this will save me a lot on roaming charges YEAH!

    If you need to unlock, just email them.

  183. 183 Dood

    My name is Dood like you see i have a black Berry 8100. Pin 24154890 Made in Hungary T-Mobile Imei :356920014423601. i remain 3 chances to be able to free my telephone. Please if there somebody who could help me is to do it please comes has my assistance. I would be very grateful. Thank you
    I use the network digicel in Haiti

  184. 184 kanaga

    hai Amin,
    I can solve your problem.If you visit the site http://www.unlock-zone.com you will get solution.

  185. 185 Joe

    Hi i have a vodafone blackberry 7100v.
    It will not turn on and i want to unlock the phone.
    PIN: 203B2F9F
    IMEI: 354593002413702

    Can anyone help my email is joesnelson2004@hotmail.com

  186. 186 brokeblackberry

    Hi. Okay, so i have the blackberry pearl, & when i put my sim card in it says invalid sim card, sos. My sim card is pretty new, & works in all other phones, nothing is wrong with my blackberry i just brought it in to check, it’s perfectly fine. I’m just not sure what to do, or why it won’t work. If anyone knows why, or could possibly help, please do, if you know anything. my email is sprague-2011@hotmail.com. Please & thank you!

  187. 187 dylan

    hey i have a blackberry 7100i and i have boost but it wont let me txt or recieve txt it only lets me talk and bb if anyone knows how to unlock it so i can txt please let me know. thankyou. chevy4low@live.com


    please can u help me unlock my (vodafone)blackberry 7100v IMEI:354593000607172 THANKS


    pleaseee someone should help me I can’t use my phone.


    someone should please give me the unlock code of my vodafone blackberry 7100v IMEI:354593000607172..please you can text the code to +2348032260999 or my email..skass4reallove@yahoo.com…..thank myou so much.

  191. 191 kevin

    i tried to foll steps but my phone cant unlock wwho can i change these first five settings

  192. 192 kevin

    can some one give me the unlock code bfor blackberry 7100t

  193. 193 kevin

    can some one give me the unlock code for blackberry 7100t please send to kevindruneal@yahoo.com

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