Study Shows No Link Between Mobile Phone Use And Tumors

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We can all breath a bit easier, a new study has show using a mobile phone doesn’t increase the risk of developing nervous system tumors that occur close to where mobile phones are held to a user’s head according to a study conducted by The Institute of Cancer, published Tuesday. The study took place in the U.K., Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden, where mobile phones were introduced relatively early. Data was collected from 4,231 people, 678 of whom had acoustic neuroma - benign tumors that grow in the nerve that connects the ear and inner ear to the brain.

The study found no relation between the risk of acoustic neuroma and mobile phone usage. However, researchers didn’t rule out that longer-term use could increase risks.

“The results of our study suggest that there is no substantial risk in the first decade after starting use,” Professor Anthony Swerdlow of The Institute of Cancer Research said in a statement. “Whether there are longer-term risks remains unknown, reflecting the fact that this is a relatively recent technology,”

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