Provisioning Blackberry Internet Service from Handheld


You can provisioning your BlackBerry Internet Service account from your handheld with the wireless application protocol (WAP) browser. You will need to know, that some new phones may have an older OS loaded and you won’t get the Autostart program. The description and screen shots below provide a walkthough of this process.

1. The Home screen of the handheld displays an Autostart icon. These icons may be customized by the carrier.

2. Click the Autostart icon to open the WAP browser. The WAP account provisioning Sign In page appears. Select the Create Your Account link, shown below.

3. This is followed by the Account Set-up page. You can Continue the process or Cancel to set-up at another time, as shown below.

4. This is followed by the Legal Terms and conditions. You can select I Agree to continue, or I Disagree to cancel the account set up.

5. The following two screenshots prompt you to enter your identification information. Once the information has been entered, click Submit.

6. This is followed by the Account Set-up Complete! screen, below. This screen confirms the account creation is complete. Click Done.

7. Next, you can add a third-party email account. If you want to add a third-party account, click Add Account. However, if you do not want to add a third-party account, click Continue.

8. If you choose to add a third-party account, you are prompted for your third-party email account information. Once your email address, user name and password have been entered in the appropriate fields, click Submit.

9. You have the option to continue to add third-party accounts, or to change your Sent From Address. If you would like to add another account, click Add Account.

10. If you would like to change your Sent From Address, click here in To change your ‘sent from address’ click here. You can check your Sent From Address by verifying the field Your ‘sent from address’ is currently set to contains the correct address.

11. Once you have added all the third-party accounts you would like to add, and have set your Sent From Address to the correct address, click Done. This logs you out of the system. 5-click provisioning is now complete.