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Weekend Contest ‘New Blackberry Software Store Ideas’


Neon Toad
Neon Toad a new Blackberry software that’s yet to be launched will soon start offering Blackberry software for individual handhelds and software that will integrate with the BES. They came to us, wanting to get feedback from our readers about what they want to see in a new Blackberry software store and how to improve the purchase process.

We said forget it, we didn’t want to be used as a tool for free marketing research. They then told us they wanted to offer three $100 gift certificates to our readers as a Weekend Contest prize. We couldn’t say no to that, so post your ideas about what you want to see in a new Blackberry software store. Winners of the $100 gift certificate will be announced Monday morning.

Neon Toad is set to launch mid-October.

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Yahoo! Messenger Now Available


Yahoo! BlackBerry
We posted a RIM press release about Yahoo! Messenger being available for the Blackberry a few days ago. However, it seemed like the marketing department was way ahead of the development team, and the messenger program wasn’t quite ready at that point. Yes we know, what’s new, happens all the time with those marketing folks. Anyways, good news has finally arrived and the Yahoo! Messenger program is now available for download. Unfortunately, it’s only available for Rogers and Nextel users, thus the reason for the lack of screenshots on our part. So if anyone at RIM wants to send us a few screenshots, please do.

To download, either visit the following link in IE or your Blackberry browser:

New BlackBerry Electron Pictures


Blackberry Electron
We need to thank one of our readers for this new Blackberry Electron picture. Here’s what he had to say about the new Electron after a few weeks of trial:

I took this pic with my Nokia 6820, so the quality is horrible. I used the device, made calls, sent emails etc. It’s a great product. The screen is unbelievably sharp, and covered by a hard glass/plastic cover, not the same vulnerable screen as on previous blackberries.

As you can see, this ‘new’ Electron is also slightly different from the two previous that has surfaced in recent days. So now we’re even more confused to which design will be the final one that hits the stores.

BlackBerry Mobile Data System v4.1 Beta Program


BlackBerry Mobile Data System (MDS) v4.1 is the next generation of BlackBerry wireless application technology. It is a complete and optimized system for creating and deploying applications for the BlackBerry Enterprise Solution using the same proven BlackBerry push delivery model and advanced security features used for BlackBerry email.

Joining the beta program gives you a chance to qualify for technical assistance from top BlackBerry technical resources that can help accelerate the mobilization of your enterprise applications. Signup for the beta program here …

USPTO Rejects NTP Patent Infringement Claims Against RIM


Research In Motion confirmed that it received a copy today of an initial ruling by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (“USPTO”) in the Director-initiated inter partes reexamination of NTP, Inc. Patent #6,317,592. As previously reported by RIM in its press release on August 2, 2005, this patent contains five claims that are the subject of RIM’s pending appeal before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit.

All 665 claims in this NTP patent were unanimously rejected by a panel of three senior patent examiners in the initial ruling. The USPTO ruling cited a variety of reasons including the TeleNor prior art submitted recently by RIM, as well as RIM’s own single mailbox integration patent (#6,219,694) which was determined by the USPTO to have been invented prior to the NTP patent filing.

The USPTO has now issued initial rulings in the reexaminations of all eight NTP patents relating to the NTP vs. RIM litigation and has rejected 100% of the 1,921 claims contained in those patents, including the 16 claims asserted against RIM. Final rulings from the USPTO are still pending and NTP is expected to appeal the eight initial rulings.

The Real Blackberry 8700?


Blackberry Electron
Yesterday we posted what looked to be official pictures of the new Blackberry 8700. However, with close examination, we can see a clear difference between the earlier ‘spy’ 8700 pictures and yesterday’s. So the question is, which one is the real Blackberry 8700 or will RIM start offering different cases for each carrier a la 7100s.

Let’s look at the difference, the original 8700 has already been branded with the Cingular logo and has a different theme than the new 8700. The original 8700 also seems to be smaller with less “case” on top and on the sides. Whereas the new 8700 devices, shows a very sleek case with angular lines and a flat black color instead of gunmetal. The chrome metal piece is also substantially larger with the new 8700.

Our guess is we will first see the original 8700 hit Cingular stores and 6 months or whenever Cingular’s exclusive deal is up, we’ll start seeing the much nicer 8700.