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Mobile Shmobile:

It sounds like a weak argument: that you should be able to get your mobile game fix in less than fifteen minutes. But the truth is if it takes longer there’s no way to fit it into everyday life. The Blackberry device is no Xbox live where we can waste a few hours playing a game, so don’t expect instant satisfaction with Medieval Kings Chess 2 online. It’s a much slower process and some what more gratifying especially if you’re playing against a tough opponent. Some of you may not be fans of the online part but it’s a nice feature to have and brings Blackberry gaming to a new level.


- takes some time to find and develop live games.
- some opponents are on the free trial and abandon games (and waste time).
- higher AI levels bog down Blackberry device.

- sweet online multiplayer.
- customize pieces/board.
- different levels of AI.

Medieval Kings Chess retails for $9.95 and can be purchased directly from Magmic at

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  • Blah
    Ugh. AI is awful. I haven't played chess in ten years and had a 1400ish rating back then. That means I knew the rules and had picked up a chess book. I just downloaded Medieval Kings 2 and beat all the levels in about 30 minutes.

    Since phones today are faster than the computers that regularly kicked my ass back then, I was hoping for a little more challenge.
  • Karpacz
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  • Chess strategy
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  • Dan
    The AI engine needs more work. Far too easy even for a intermediate player. The computer moves even become predictable. The very hard levels take way too long to process and I believe in some cases are easier that lower levels.Not sure why.
  • Mel
    Set to "hard" it's easy... and I'm not a very good chess player. At the most difficult setting it's like postal chess... I don't have the patience. For a beginner... it's fun!
  • stanley
    i bought the 7100t last year and am addicted to it. i have six email account for various uses (business, work, play, friends, girlfriend) and use aim and yahoo messenger at least four hours a day. the sidekick being the only other mobile toy that can handle the load and that thing looks and plays horribly. i just bought the 7105t and other than t-mobiles service, its a great phone. i have yet to find a good chess program but yours seems like the one to have. i have played chess for years but stink at the game. hopefully i can find a good chess game to improve my game. one of these days i'd like to beat my 15 year old sister.

    take it easy,
  • Jack
    I had a chance to test the game but found it rather boring to be honest. I prefare classical chess, brown/lightbrown board color and thats it.

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