Medieval Kings Chess 2 Reviewed




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  1. 1 Jack

    I had a chance to test the game but found it rather boring to be honest. I prefare classical chess, brown/lightbrown board color and thats it.


  2. 2 stanley

    i bought the 7100t last year and am addicted to it. i have six email account for various uses (business, work, play, friends, girlfriend) and use aim and yahoo messenger at least four hours a day. the sidekick being the only other mobile toy that can handle the load and that thing looks and plays horribly. i just bought the 7105t and other than t-mobiles service, its a great phone. i have yet to find a good chess program but yours seems like the one to have. i have played chess for years but stink at the game. hopefully i can find a good chess game to improve my game. one of these days i’d like to beat my 15 year old sister.

    take it easy,

  3. 3 Mel

    Set to “hard” it’s easy… and I’m not a very good chess player. At the most difficult setting it’s like postal chess… I don’t have the patience. For a beginner… it’s fun!

  4. 4 Dan

    The AI engine needs more work. Far too easy even for a intermediate player. The computer moves even become predictable. The very hard levels take way too long to process and I believe in some cases are easier that lower levels.Not sure why.

  5. 5 Chess strategy

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  6. 6 Karpacz

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  7. 7 Blah

    Ugh. AI is awful. I haven’t played chess in ten years and had a 1400ish rating back then. That means I knew the rules and had picked up a chess book. I just downloaded Medieval Kings 2 and beat all the levels in about 30 minutes.

    Since phones today are faster than the computers that regularly kicked my ass back then, I was hoping for a little more challenge.

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