Weekend Contest ‘Favorite Blackberry Model’


This weekend’s contest is entitled ‘Favorite Blackberry Model’. Rules are simple, just post your favorite Blackberry model and why. The winners will be chosen randomly and will be announced Tuesday morning, seeing that it’s a long weekend.

This week’s prize is 5 copies of Magmic’s new Medieval Kings Chess 2. The only Blackberry chess game that allows you to play in real-time against other Blackberry users. You can learn more about Medieval Kings Chess 2 by visiting Magmic’s website at http://www.magmic.com.

23 Responses to “Weekend Contest ‘Favorite Blackberry Model’”

  1. 1 Gregory

    My favorite model is the Blackberry 7520, it may be a brick but I can’t live with out the 2-way function.

  2. 2 Mike J

    It has to be the 7290 because it just works…love the full keyboard, the brighter screen…the 7100 is nice, but you can’t beat the 7290 keyboard.

  3. 3 Kash

    My favorite is the 7750 for Verizon! I never have to worry about answering a call, because the answer screen can’t come up before voicemail grabs it. And I always have an excuse to ignore a flood of emails coming in, because there is no way I could respond to any one of them with the Blackberry working so hard just to process them.

    Kudos to RIM and verizon for putting out such an underpowered device. How else would I get so much real work done?

  4. 4 Dwane Lay

    Well, the 7100 is the only one I have ever owned, but I like the look of it over the other models. It works great for me!

  5. 5 John

    Verizon 7250. Works almost everywhere, and unlike my Cingular 7100g, you can see the screen in the sunlight…

  6. 6 MarvinK

    7100g - Actually, I like the look of the 7100x or 7100v better, but I use Cingular. I think the interface of the standard theme could use some improvement (how about letting users adjust what menu items are on the main list vs applications/settings list), but this thing actually works well as a phone-and a Blackberry. If you can make it through a couple days of pain, the keyboard is actually an improvement in most cases-bigger keys, faster typing, learns your lingo. You’ll need to proofread, but thats probably a good idea anyhow.

  7. 7 Steven

    7290 T-Mobile. I LOVE the increase in capasisty and the Bluetooth. Actually, The Bluetooth is the most important thing for me.

  8. 8 Keith Adest

    none. Pretty much all pda’s including treo, ppc and blackberries suck. I do not mean to be negative, but why can’t these companies brand these devices and sell them for different professions.

    Make a different profile for…


  9. 9 corleyman

    The 7520 Nextel with BES has worked awesome for me! I sync my Outlook email and calendar with two PC’s, a laptop, and my 7520 — and if it weren’t for my BB, I don’t know HOW I’d keep my Inbox under 3000 messages!

    Also, I was loathing transitioning from the touch-screen and multimedia of my Dell Axim, but the incredible connectedness of my 7520 has mede the sacrifice worth it!

  10. 10 John C.

    I really like my 7250 on Verizon. Much better phone quality / availability than that of my old AT&T phone…

  11. 11 Hugh McKerrow

    7100g - put simply, it’s basically the size of a regular cell phone, with the email capability of a regular sized blackberry

  12. 12 phil secker

    Siemens Sk65 - akthough not a rim device it does have bb built in. It has a far better phone part and although is lacking in a couple of bb areas i still prefer it to my 7100 and 7290

  13. 13 Richard Sun

    My 7100t is my favorite for it’s profile compared to carrying a “brick”.

  14. 14 Sheila

    My favorite BlackBerry model is the 7100g. (Granted, it’s the only one I’ve used to date, but that doesn’t matter.) The keypad is easier to use than a regular phone keypad, without requiring me to rack my brains every time I want to dial an actual phone number (a problem on some of the full keypad phones I’ve used). It also survives drops onto tile, has a bllinking light so that if I’m walking around after dark I am easily seen, and it’s silver.

  15. 15 Mark Hutchison

    Each BlackBerry incarnation has its own strong and weak points but I thing the single best step in the evolution of design was the 72xx series.

    Initially, the loss of screen real estate was dissapointing … but it took very little time to adjust.

    The smaller, thicker form factor fits much more comfortably into the palm of the hand. While the trackwheel seemed a lot stiffer than older BlackBerry models (at least in my experience) I have seen far fewer 72xx scroll wheels wear down have problems.

    By shifting the microphone pickup to the bottom-centre of the device, rather than the bottom-left, the phone use feels much more natural from either hand.

    Incorporating a standard mini USB connection and eliminating the cradle (a redundant accessory in a non-touchscreen PDA) has made charging simpler.

    Durability (again, in my experience) seems to be a lot better with the 72xx series. In particular, I’ve seen far fewer damaged LCDs in the smaller devices.

    While the 71xx series models do provide an excellent design for phone-centric users, the 72xx series devices are still tops for those of us who rely on our BlackBerrys for heavy email, calendar and Web use.

    I have but one complaint with regard to the QWERTY Blackberrys out there. Since people are predominantly right handed … why oh why has RIM chosen to place the numerical keypad on the left-hand side of the keypad!?! Do the engineers not realize how bloody difficult it is to dial on these devices with one hand while driving?

  16. 16 Alex D.

    I would have to go with the 7100t. I like the cell phone form factor and the Bluetooth capabilities. It’s a lot easier to type with one hand. Once you get over the Sure-Type hump, it’s a great unit.

  17. 17 msb

    7520. Has more ways to communicate than any other model. Phone, direct connect, BES, etc. And it has a GPS.

    It has a good screen and is built to work in any condition.

    I was a hard sell but this thing has converted me.

  18. 18 Jonathan Newman

    Well… Lets see: I’ve owned a total of five different blackberries, starting out with the 950! You know the old Mobitex handheld pager-like device! It was great! I then went with the 957, not much of a total re-design, but more like a PDA than the 950. Then I glued my cell phone and BB together and got a 7780 I didn’t like it as much but I kept it for a while. Then I got a 7280 which, by the way I’m going to say is the best! Lastly and what I’ve currently got is a 7290 which is by far their best phone! but the 7280 had the most improvements, and the cool screen, and the wonderful shape! Anyways so my vote goes to the 7280!

  19. 19 Brian O'Neill

    mine is the 7100t. I’ve used about 4 models and this one kicks butt! It’s size is the number one reason - I don’t feel like I’m holding a TI calculator up to my ear when I’m calling someone…

  20. 20 Ronald S.

    My favorite blackberry is 7250, with bluetooth and wireless headset its like haveing a Pocket PC.

  21. 21 Neil Magahis

    Hands down the 7100t is my favorite. The sure type feature works well once you get use to the keys.

  22. 22 palden

    With the 7100t’s “Sure Type” you can use one hand to checkmate Bobby Fischer while the other’s wrapped around your hot date.

    Bet you never thought you’d say, “You’re just using me for my blackberry 7100t, Naomi” … well get used to it … you are now rolling with the sleakest, the meanest, the loveliest and the sexiest little number to date.

    Let’s count the ways shall we:

    Pocket fitter: check (is that a blackberry 7100t in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?)

    chick magnet: check. (with that blackberry 7100t he must be important …)

    chess: CHECK CHECK CHECK (honestly, chess is the greatest game in history. No luck, no chance, no take-backs, everything out in the open. A game of pure skill. Two minds pitted against each other in a contest of wills. Where everything must be sacrificed for that one cause; Victory.

    And now it is in the palm of our hands. Oh sweet mystery of life, Thank you.

  23. 23 Tim

    I have tried the 7290 and 7105t and am a Blackberry Newbie. I vote for the 7105t for three reasons. The incredibly bright screen, which is relit by the scroll wheel (why not on the 7290? Ever had it go dim on a call in the dark while you’re using it one handed? Good luck bending your thumb into oblivion to push that little button…you get the idea) the dedicated and normally positioned phone buttons, and, in the end suretype, which at first I hated, but now I crave. Oh yeah and now my kids don’t look down and act unrelated to me when I answer a call near them… (Dad, why are you talking into that calculator?)
    :) I just wish either one of them was at least EDGE and bluetooth modem capable! However, Blackberry security is part of the appeal and they probably had issues to work out with that… Sorry so long…

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