Winners of ‘Favorite Blackberry Model’ Weekend Contest

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Thanks to all that participated in the ‘Favorite Blackberry Model’ Weekend Contest. What we could take out of the responses is that you have two very different camps, the full QWERTY camp and the 7100/SureType camp. People who prefer the QWERTY models pointed out the easy to use full keyboard, screen that works better outside, and the extra functionality of Push-To-Talk. 7100 lovers pointed out the small convenient size, the high resolution screen, and the SureType function that allows better one-hand typing.

The list of winners of Medieval Kings Chess 2 are below:

Alex D.
Brian O.
Hugh M.
Jonathan M.
Ronald S.

All winners, please email with your Blackberry PIN to redeem your prize. Remember, if you didn’t win this week you can always try for our next Weekend Contest.

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