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Wisepent 3.1 Reviewed

Wisespent’s slogan is “Stay in touch with your money”, which describes exactly what Wisespent does. Wisespent is a personal finance manager, it lets you keep track of your expenses and revenues on your Blackberry. We had a chance to look at their new point upgrade of Wisespent and were very surprised on how many new features were packed into a 3.1 point upgrade.

The major upgrade is the new user interface which is now much cleaner and user-friendly. Unlike the old interface with the small icons that looked very amateurish, this one is much different with one of the nicest interfaces we have ever seen on a Blackberry program. The new interface is not all looks either, it’s very functional by having an up to date total of your current account and your gross of all accounts. Another improvement with the interface is the added keyboard shortcuts which makes things easier to navigate.

Adding transactions is just as simple, add the amount, select the date, write a memo, choose a payee, and then select transaction type. One new thing that they added was the ability to renew bi-weekly which is very welcomed addition. There is no difference between adding a withdrawal or deposit. To complete a withdrawal, you will need to select which category to add the transaction. In the old Wisespent it really didn’t matter too much, but the new additional calculates balances for each category. In total there are 8 default categories but you can easily add new ones.

What all these type of revenue and expense tracker all come down to, is to help us keep track of our transactions. No one expects to balance their books on their Blackberry, we should still be doing that on our computer. Wisespent understands that, the new 3.1 contains a desktop utility which will sync transactions from the blackberry as well as then being able to export data from the utility to MS Money, Quicken and CVS format.

In total, there are 80 new additions from 3.0 to 3.1. Wisespent could have easily deemed this new release as a full version upgrade, but they are nice enough to offer a free upgrade to all previous 3.0 owners.

Wisespent 3.1 will be released shortly, visit Wisespent’s homepage to keep updated:

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