Pyxis Mobile and RIM Offer Customers Remote Access to Data


Pyxis Mobile, a leading provider of innovative wireless software that promotes asset growth for the investment industry, together with Research In Motion, offers financial service organizations mobile access to CRM data. Essex Corporation has been using and Pyxis Mobile’s mWholesaler on BlackBerry for close to a year, providing its wholesalers with remote access to customer data.

A key factor in Essex’ decision to purchase mWholesaler was Pyxis Mobile’s ability to integrate and deliver information from Essex’ CRM database. Pyxis Mobile, a member of the Certified Solutions Program, now has multiple implementations integrated with’s CRM databases. Pyxis Mobile’s flexibility in working with different CRM and online software packages in conjunction with existing internal systems and data sources makes it the optimal mobile sales solution in the financial services industry.

Essex is one of the largest and oldest national wholesalers of annuities, mutual funds and life insurance. Essex provides products and services to over 200 banks, with clients ranging in size from $70 million to over $120 billion. The firm has 35 wholesalers spread across the United States, creating a challenge for wholesalers to be connected with client and corporate information in the field. Essex chose mWholesaler to bridge the communication gap by complementing existing technology and internal sales resources with better access to sales statistics and reporting tools for sales managers.

“Prior to purchasing mWholesaler, our sales team was using cell phones and laptops. We wanted to decrease operational costs and streamline the sales process,” said Tim Stoddard, National Sales Director, Essex Corporation. “mWholesaler and BlackBerry provide the ability for sales reps to get their jobs done without being tied to our main office. All the information they need is at their fingertips at all times. They can now spend more time on improving their sales instead of on their administrative responsibilities.”

“The mWholesaler application is built for the specific needs of wholesalers,” said Reji Mathew, Vice President, Essex Information Systems Technology. “Because the application is so easy to use and designed for our sales team’s specific needs, more activities are being logged in the database.”

“BlackBerry is an exceptional platform for mobile applications, providing the security, flexibility and manageability necessary for an effective deployment in the field,” said Mark Guibert, Vice President of Corporate Marketing at Research In Motion. “Together, mWholesaler and BlackBerry are helping Essex Corporation empower their sales teams and optimize workflow.”

By combining mWholesaler with the company’s CRM database and BlackBerry, the Essex field sales force has industry-tailored wireless and offline access to sales reports, email, and calendar information. Mobile sales reps have read/write access to the information needed to improve sales and better manage the sales process. Additionally, internal sales staff, previously spending time supporting inquiries from the sales team, are free to work on increasing sales leads. Essex’ sales managers can now easily access updated client information, sales reports and view dealer, branch, or advisor-level data in real time.

“The CRM database is a vital part of Essex’ sales process, but the company’s sales reps also need access to actual sales numbers. Now with mWholesaler on BlackBerry the sales reps can access their database from anywhere at any time, increasing their productivity and improving their sales,” said Shane Hughes, President, Pyxis Mobile.

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