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Outbreak Control Reviewed

Magmic Outbreak Control
There are a few reasons why we see a lot of our past favorite games made for the Blackberry. One being that the processing power is so limited on the Blackberrys that we are forced to look at older games. We are not going to see Street Fighter ported anytime soon. Second, these older games like Zork, Tetris, and Battleship were successful because of addicted gameplay and not just their reliance on pretty graphics. So as not to mess with a great thing, Magmic has redid a version of Hexxagon for the Blackberry, called Outbreak Control. The basic premise comes from the board game Reversi, where two players try to take over the opponent’s pieces.

In this version of the game, instead of the classic jewels, Outbreak uses some sort of virus that grows and infects your opponent’s pieces. The animation and movement of pieces is one of the cleanest we’ve seen in a game. We did have issues with the controls, seeing that the board is a hexagon shape, you can’t just move left and right easily. In a few cases, you will need to move vertically then shift horizontally. Different board layouts are also available when you progress levels. It’s something nice to have, because they do require different strategies and thought process.

When it comes to these strategy games, what we really want to know is how much of a challenge is the computer. After all, we would get bored real quick if the computer AI was too easy. Sadly, it’s the case for Outbreak Control, the computer AI is a bit weak in the game, anything other than hard will prove to be quite easy. In the later stages of the game it does get a bit more difficult because the board layout is different. However, what this game really needs is an online multiplayer feature. The game lends itself well to multiplayer because it is a turn based game, so we can’t see why Magmic left that out.

Overall the game is a toss up, it does provide some playability on the harder levels but that too can be easily beaten after a few rounds of the game. The graphics and animations are superb, but we all know these type of games sell on playability. You can decide for yourself, if the game is worth a purchase.

The game retails for $5.95, however you can download the 3-Day trial directly to your Blackberry:

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