trackIT: Vehicle Edition Reviewed


Some of you may cringe at the idea of tracking your monthly gas cost, especially with the rising fuel cost. Well we say, that’s all the more reason to keep track of your gas costs. trackIT: Vehicle Edition can help you with that, it’s a program for the Blackberry that not just tracks your gas expenses but also maintenance, mileage, and more. Read further to see if trackIT is worth the look …

Opening up the program, you can see that the user-interface is quite ingenious. Instead of some boring text-driven layout, trackIT uses a dash of a car and various items on the car are used to select parts of the program. Starting up the program for the first time, you should enter all your vehicles because trackIT has the ability to keep track of multiple vehicles.

When entering fill up information you need to specify date, odometer, gas price, and quantity and trackIT will automatically calculate your total cost. You should always be a stickler for keeping proper records, because trackIT has the ability to make reports and graphs based on your information.

Now trackIT is not used to just keep track of your fuel expense but you can also keep track of your maintenance and repair costs, fuel mileage, and also the ability to set a maintenance schedule. The maintenance schedule we found to be one of the most useful, we can all remember to change the oil every 3,000 miles or 3/months and the dealership will always remind us about our dealership required maintenance, but how about all the smaller items. Items that are hard to remember like when you need to rotate your tires or do a coolant flush.

Another useful feature is the ability to export your data to an HTML or Excel file. So instead of handing over all your pieces of paper to the accounting firm, you can make their life easier by handling a nice formatted Excel file.

There’s nothing in this program we disliked, nor have any suggestions for improvements, trackIT is that good. If you want to not only keep track of your fuel expenses, but all aspects of your vehicle then we do recommend getting trackIT.

trackIT retails for $24.95 at Neon Toad,

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