The Real Blackberry 8700?

Blackberry Electron
Yesterday we posted what looked to be official pictures of the new Blackberry 8700. However, with close examination, we can see a clear difference between the earlier ‘spy’ 8700 pictures and yesterday’s. So the question is, which one is the real Blackberry 8700 or will RIM start offering different cases for each carrier a la 7100s.

Let’s look at the difference, the original 8700 has already been branded with the Cingular logo and has a different theme than the new 8700. The original 8700 also seems to be smaller with less “case” on top and on the sides. Whereas the new 8700 devices, shows a very sleek case with angular lines and a flat black color instead of gunmetal. The chrome metal piece is also substantially larger with the new 8700.

Our guess is we will first see the original 8700 hit Cingular stores and 6 months or whenever Cingular’s exclusive deal is up, we’ll start seeing the much nicer 8700.

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October 4th, 2005 at 12:08 pm

No, the first picture is a prototype with cheap plastics as the case. The second is the release model.

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