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Wei asked us,

I’m getting duplicate emails to my Blackberry device and can not figure out why. I currently have a 7520 on Nextel which receives my work and Gmail emails. My work email is fine, but every Gmail email gets duplicated.

When it comes to duplicate emails, it’s usually always the case where you have setup the email to forward from two places. The places that you need to check are your Blackberry Internet Service account, Gmail settings, and your Outlook forwarding rules. Do one of the following, but not all because you’ll stop receiving all emails together.

To check your BIS account do the following:

1. Log in to your BlackBerry Internet Service account. Click Profile.
2. Under the Email Accounts heading, click other email accounts.
3. In this box, see if there’s your Gmail account setup and delete.

In Outlook 2003:

1. Tools > Rules and Alerts.
2. Highlight the forwarding rule for your BlackBerry Internet Service account.
3. Click Delete.

In Gmail:

1. Log in to your Gmail account.
2. In the top right navigation bar, click Settings. The Mail Settings window appears.
3. Click the Forwarding and POP tab.

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  1. 1 Authentication_key


    a more technical approch to take is to have a copy of the duplicate emails on the device then,

    open the firt email and then hold the alt key and typr “VIEW”

    it will then open a new screen on the BB and she a refID. note this RefID

    then open the second email and do the same procedure to get the refid as i just explained

    if the refID are the same that means that the BWC is collecting 2 copies=call RIM and have them do troubleshooting on ther side

    if the refid’s are differenet that means that the emails are coming from another source other than then BWC and you have to do more trouble shooting on your end eg. Gmail,outlook etc

  2. 2 Paul


    Excellent suggestion. Thanks.


  3. 3 James A


    We’re on exchange and when i get an email, both my outlook 2007 and Blackberry Curve 8310 get this original email. If i respond in outlook to this email I will receive another copy of the original email on my Blackberry after a few minutes. The only difference is now it has a different RefID number (which i learned about after calling RIM) so it’s treated as a new email. Somehow during this process it appears that outlook/exchange is changing its RefID number??? Any assistance would be GREATLY appreciated! TIA.

  4. 4 Joe

    Seriously, nobody has a decent answer for this problem that so many people encounter? Typically the original poster eventually replies and says “nevermind, i figured it out” and leaves no info about his conclusions for other users. Its ridiculous. I have 2 refID’s in the 2 duplicate emails. So now what? Yeah, i realize they’re coming from 2 different sources. Yes, they’re coming twice. I’m glad we’re back at square one here. How do you remove a flippin’ email registration from this POS???

  5. 5 Scotty

    Hello all,
    I have a little delemma 8100. I have two emails addresses set up on my Blackberry 8100. I want to receive and let my secretary see my work emails but if my wife sends me an email from my home email I do not want my secretary see those. Is there a way that I can filter or block my secretary from seeing my private emails? HELP!

  6. 6 Sue

    This is a gmail issue and can only be solved by creating a blackberry filter. Here is a link to the walk-through. You can find this in the gmail help pages.

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