Creating Level 1 Message Filters Through BIS Account


You can use filters not just through Desktop Manager but also through the Blackberry Internet Service Account. By setting criteria for certain messages to be sent with Level 1 notifications, the device will react differently to these messages. How the device reacts to level 1 notifications can be modified in the device profile settings. A typical usage of Level 1 messaging would be to setup every email from the boss as Level 1 so you can be notified right away whenever the boss emails.

Setting a Level 1 Notification Filter on the BlackBerry Internet Service Account

1. Log in to your BlackBerry Internet Service account.

2. On the navigation bar at the top of the screen, click Filters.

3. On the Filters page, click New.

4. Create a name for the filter and enter it in the Filter Name field.

5. Create the filter by selecting specific criteria from the drop-down menus, as shown below.

6. Select the Forward messages to handheld option, and check the box next to Level 1 Notification, as shown below.

7. Click Save and Close.

  • Nico57

    Very nice tip, still useful 3 years later. :)

  • Nico57

    Very nice tip, still useful 3 years later. :)