Mobile Workers to Increase by More Than 200 Million Users


Today’s businesses are recognizing the growing importance of the mobile worker, who is perhaps one of the more strategic employees of an organization, and that job functionality can be enhanced by mobility for a significant portion of the workforce. As organizations continue to implement mobile solutions, IDC expects the mobile worker population to increase from more than 650 million worldwide in 2004, to more than 850 million in 2009, representing more than one-quarter of the global workforce.

The United States had the highest percentage of mobile workers in its workforce in 2004, and is expected to reach over 70% mobile workforce penetration by the end of the forecast period, thereby making the U.S. the most mobile-enabled workforce across the five regions. IDC segments the mobile worker population into three core categories; office-based mobile workers, non-office-based mobile workers, and home-based mobile workers.

“Organizations deploying mobile solutions and suppliers delivering mobile solutions to customers should focus on emerging regions where mobility is taking off, especially in areas where mobile enterprise deployments may leap-frog much of the traditional wire-based technology,” said Stephen Drake, program director for IDC’s Mobile Software service.