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Sudoku Gold Reviewed

Sudoku Gold
If you are unfamiliar with Sudoku you won’t be for too long. Sudoku is a logic based placement puzzle, also sometimes known as Number Place in the United States. The first Sudoku puzzle was published in 1979 in Japan but did not gain popularity in the West until 2004 when the British newspaper “The Times” published their own Sudoku puzzle. Now you can find Sudoku puzzles throughout daily newspapers right beside the crossword puzzle. There was even Sudoku celebrity game aired on Sky One. Aiming to cash in on the Sudoku buzz, Magmic has came out with their own Sudoku game call, Sudoku Gold. Read further to see what we have to say about Sudoku Gold …

The aim of the puzzle is to enter a numeral from 1 through 9 in each cell of a 9×9 grid made up of 3×3 subgrids (called “regions”), starting with various numerals given in some cells (the “givens”). Each row, column and region must contain only one instance of each numeral. Completing the puzzle requires patience and logical ability. The instructions may seem a bit complicating but the premise of the game is simple but completing the puzzle is another story. Our recommendation is to start on Easy mode and to turn on the ‘Conflict Check’ which will automatically show you if your number is conflicting and where. As soon as you get familiar with the game you can turn on the difficulty and that’s where the fun starts, or frustration depending on how you look at it.

Sudoku is a very straight forward game, so there’s really not much we can talk about regarding gameplay. In total, there are 200 preloaded puzzles with four difficulty modes. However, where this game shines that you can never experience when playing Sudoku in the newspaper is the aspect of multiplayer scores. Magmic offers 4 new daily downloadable puzzles where once completed you can submit your score for points. This offers a new dimension to the game, where you can brag about your Sudoku conquests because we all know how cool Sudoku players are …

This is a very fun game, simple yet can be very challenging. You can spend 5 minutes on the Easy level puzzle or 1 hour on Genius level. What’s best about these games is that they never get boring, just like Windows Solitaire, we can always enjoy another game here and there.

The game retails for $5.95 and you can directly buy it from

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  1. Sudoku
    January 12th, 2006 13:28

    How fast is a blackberry? Is it fast enough to generate Sudoku puzzle or are the puzzles pregenerated ?

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