Sprint and RIM Launch BlackBerry 7100 Series for the Nextel


Sprint and Research In Motion today announced the launch of the BlackBerry 7100i from Nextel, which has all the functionality of a traditional BlackBerry handheld in a slimmer, phone-like design. Operating on the Nextel National Network, the BlackBerry 7100i is ideal for mobile professionals who desire an integrated device with email, a wireless phone, personal organizer, Bluetooth Technology, speakerphone, Web browsing and support for third-party Java Applications. The BlackBerry 7100i from Nextel also combines the power of BlackBerry with real-time GPS navigation and walkie-talkie services.

The BlackBerry 7100i features a high-resolution color display (240 x 260 pixels) to view Web pages, pictures and attachments in full, vibrant color. The BlackBerry 7100i also incorporates SureTypeâ„¢ keyboard technology. SureType effectively converges a phone keypad and a QWERTY keyboard to fit elegantly within the size of a traditional wireless phone form factor. Through an integrated keyboard and software system, SureType provides users with an instinctively familiar look and feel and enables them to dial phone numbers and type messages quickly, accurately and comfortably. The BlackBerry 7100i can also support full wireless synchronization of calendar, contacts, notes and tasks as well as text messaging and the ability to send, receive and store pictures.

“This device is different from most BlackBerry devices because it looks and feels more like a traditional phone – including a narrower, smaller form factor – yet it still boasts the functionality of BlackBerry that customers have come to expect,” said Vicki Warker, vice president of marketing for Sprint. “The addition of the BlackBerry 7100i handset to our broad portfolio of integrated devices demonstrates Sprint’s commitment to providing services that allow busy mobile professionals to stay connected and multitask from anywhere and everywhere.”

“RIM and Sprint have already enjoyed considerable success together providing customers with comprehensive wireless enterprise solutions. The new BlackBerry 7100i allows us to build on that momentum and extend the reach of BlackBerry to a wider range of users,” said Mark Guibert, vice president, corporate marketing at Research In Motion. “The BlackBerry 7100i on the Nextel National Network is an attractive choice for customers who want all-in-one support for voice, messaging and data applications, but prefer the look and feel of a traditional handset.”

In addition to standard BlackBerry features, the Blackberry 7100i offers GPS technology for real-time, audible and visual turn-by-turn driving directions. For example, BlackBerry handhelds operating on the Nextel National Network support GPS-enabled navigation with TeleNav in the United States. On the Nextel National Network, assisted-GPS (A-GPS) technology and data service support outstanding performance so the customer can quickly get driving directions and update them in real time, even when the driver misses a turn at high speeds and immediately needs a new route.

The BlackBerry 7100i provides unmatched walkie-talkie capabilities, including domestic and international Nextel Walkie-Talkie services. The BlackBerry 7100i also offers the Talkgroup service, enabling instant connection with up to 100 other Nextel users who are on the same Fleet or Nextel® Walkie-Talkie network within the same home market

Wireless email and messaging stay secure with triple DES and AES encryption supported on BlackBerry Enterprise Serverâ„¢ for corporate users. BlackBerry Enterprise Server is available for Microsoft Exchange, IBM Lotus Domino and Novell GroupWise. For smaller corporations and individual users, BlackBerry Internet Service allows users to access up to ten corporate and/or personal email accounts (including Microsoft Exchange, IBM Lotus Domino and many popular ISP email accounts) from a single device.

The BlackBerry 7100i comes with 64 MB of flash memory, 8 MB of SRAM and a removable, rechargeable lithium ion battery. The BlackBerry 7100i will be available starting next week through Sprint business sales channels, Sprint Stores and online at www.nextel.com/blackberryfor a suggested retail price of $349.99 before discounts and promotions.

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  1. 1 ernesto

    hi i’m looking for to download windows mobile 5.0 or microsoft word for my 7100i, can it be done?

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