Changing Your Sent From Email Address


Sent From BIS
Blackberry Internet Service users can get rid of the complicated email address and change it to something much simpler. For example, if you’re forwarding your work email address then you can just specify that same email address as your sent from. We think no one should ever use the blackberry email address, it just becomes too complex and prone to mistakes. We can’t even count the times we’ve seen people transpose their email as

To change the address from which your email is sent for your BlackBerry account:

1. Log into BlackBerry Internet Service.
2. Click Profile.
3. Click Sent From Address.
4. Click one of the following options:
* I want my Sent From Address to be me default handheld email address.
* I want the email account below to be my Sent From Address.

Note: This is a drop down menu including all integrated email addresses.
* I want to customize my Sent From Address to be the email address entered below.

Note: You can input any email address in this field.
5. Click Submit to save the changes.
6. Log out of the BlackBerry Internet Service to save the selected Sent From Address.

4 Responses to “Changing Your Sent From Email Address”

  1. 1 Santosh

    Another trick:
    I have a forward rule setup from Gmail to my BlackBerry address.

    Exactly as you have shown above - I’ve changed my Sent From, and Reply-To as my Gmail address. I also set my Auto-BCC to point to my Gmail address.

    This way none of my GMAIL messages are POP’ed and so get archived. I picked this up on a BlackBerry forum.

  2. 2 Nirav Joshi

    I want ti change Sent From Email Address for user which configured with BES Server without changing settings in Exchange Server and Email client. is this possible ?

    can anybody help me ?

  3. 3 mikeg

    Late to the party, but has anyone gotten this to work with plus-addresses ( Every time I try to enter a plus-address Blackberry rejects it claiming it is not a valid email address (RFC2822 and GMail, among others, agree with me that it is perfectly valid).

  4. 4 Anthony

    I was able to intergrate my blackberry email easily with my address.

    We had our work Microsoft Outlook accounts also set-up on a web-based (pop3) email server, and simply changed our “sent from” and “reply to” fields on our handhelds (via blackberry internet service website).

    But now I am with a company does not supply me with my own workstation, and all emails are forwarded to my creative (yikes, the “pod” system).

    I now want to send emails from my handheld as as “”, but I don’t always want that address showing (ie. personal emails) in the sent from field. So, how can I switch back and forth between AND, without accessing blackberry service site? Can I execute this manually on 7920 handheld? Ideas anyone?

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