Utimaco Safeware releases SafeGuard encryption system for BlackBerry


Against the backdrop of the recent debate that has flared up over BlackBerry and its security, Utimaco Safeware AG now presents a solution to the problem: The latest SafeGuard­ PushMail security technology encrypts all e-mails sent to and from BlackBerry devices and prevents data being read by unauthorised persons. Only the recipient can read and process the decrypted mail. All information is stored, encrypted, on the internal e-mail infrastructure, placing the security in the customer’s hands.

The push service market is continuously growing. The market leader and BlackBerry vendor, Research in Motion (RIM), now has over 3.5 million users, worldwide, with its efficient and flexible e-mail solution, mainly mobile employees from management and sales, but increasingly politicians as well. The security requirements are extremely high as a consequence of this popularity.

Although RIM had from the outset taken extensive security precautions for e-mails in the shape of encryption, the German Federal Office for Information Technology Security (BSI) ascertained security deficits as a result of RIM’s server structure. This means that international customers often have concerns that it might be possible to eavesdrop on their e-mails for “reasons of national security” by using push mail services.

Utimaco’s SafeGuard PushMail is based on its SecurE-Mail Gateway technology which offers trustworthy computing for push service users. The solution removes the security obstacles that stand in the way of many mobile computing projects within an enterprise. The latest SafeGuard solution places the security and integrity of mail traffic in the customer’s hands: All e-mails are now stored encrypted on the customer’s mail server and protected against unauthorised access. BlackBerry users always receive their e-mail, encrypted with the mail security standards S/MIME and OpenPGP. A recipient who does not have BlackBerry can receive the e-mail in either encrypted or unencrypted form. SafeGuard PushMail guarantees that the entire key management of the encryption remains within the company and ensures trustworthy encryption.

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