Syncing Outlook with your Blackberry

This tip is mainly for non-BES users that use Intellisync to sync Outlook with their Blackberry. With Intellisync you have the ability to synchronize your Address Book, Calendar, Memopad, and Tasks. To make sure they are synchronized do the following:

1. Double-click Intellisync. Click Configure PIM.
2. Tick off which aspects you want to Sync.
3. Configure sync by hitting Choose.
4. Select BlackBerry Wireless Sync as the wireless calendar translator.
5. In the Intellisync window, click Synchronize Now.

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  1. 1 Teresa

    I think the tip is wrong - you can’t calendar synch wirelessly unless you are on a BES.


    for more info.

  2. 2 Jennifer

    You’re right, you can’t sync wirelessly but you can sync your handheld with Outlook with Intellisync everytime you cradle your device.

  3. 3 NewBBuser

    I followed the instructions and I get the following message:
    No Outlook or MS Exchange folders appear to be configured. Please run Intellisync Configure, and make sure all selected Applications have associated Outlook/MS Exchange folders.
    I run Configure, select the Address Book and the Choose Button, Select the Outlook aplication and try to click the Browse button to locate the Outlook address book file, but the Browse button does nothing.
    Blackberry Destop Manager v4.1.0.8[Aug 18 2005]
    Any suggestions?

  4. 4 Alan

    What about syncing e-mails? Doesn’t mention it. How do you do it? Surly this is the most important thing to sync in Outlook?

  5. 5 Bryan

    Same problem here… trying to map Intellisync to my Outlook 2002, I hit the browse button to show it where my pst file is, and nothing. It won’t let me enter it, nor will it permit me to browse for it. This is a major major bug, and people all over the place appear to be havving problems with it. Don’t try calling tech support. I just got off hold after waiting for over an hour… and got no help.

  6. 6 AG

    I can’t sync my outlook calendar with my 8700 either. I was however able to sync my contacts from outlook with my unit. Any ideas on how to get my calendar to sync too?

  7. 7 Scott Thomas

    They tell me at BlackBerry help that I have a corrupted outlook file. I can sync contacts and tasks but the calendar crashes after a few records. They said that I may have a field which is blank in my calendar. This seems lame. The program should be able to handle a blank field. Problem is, I can’t find it.

  8. 8 Hope

    I have the blackberry pearl from verizon and windows vista and the new outlook, and I can not seem to set up my desktop software to sync, outlok does not appear in the list of available progrmas to sync with. Has anyone else had this issue?

  9. 9 Jamie

    Hope - I’ve had that issue. If you know how to resolve it, please let me know! I’m using Outlook 2000 on a Microsoft Exchange Server.

  10. 10 Dave

    I have the latest Desktop (Version, BB Pearl 8100 and Vista with Outlook 2007.

    I have the same problem ie Outlook does not appear in the list of available programs to sync.

  11. 11 Randy

    I have found that when I sync a Blackberry with the Outlook calendar, it will not sync “one off” entries more that one year out. It will, however, sync recurring calendar entries that are further out than one year. Is this a limitation of the sync process? Or did I miss something in the configuration of the sync settings?

  12. 12 Bill

    I have a Curve and use Outlook 2003. I get duplicate entries in my Blackberry calendar and some are impossible to delete. Based on this and other comments here, Outlook and the Blackberry will not sync properly. Let me know if anyone finds an alternative desktop organizer that will work with the Blackberry.

  13. 13 Gary Manning

    I have a 8120 on Orange. I try to sync my contacts from Outlook 2000 having taken them from my old phone. It only seems to find Outlook Express and not2k which is useless. Anyone any ideas?

  14. 14 Paul

    I have an 8310 curve and use Outlook 2003. Intellisync dies when reading entry 51 of 296 from Outlook, and the only way to get it back is to reset the synchronization. Then it will talk again, but same problem when I try again to sync. Does anyone know how to find/fix what’s wrong?

  15. 15 Rita

    running outlook 2000 and blackberry 8310 won’t sync. can’t see when configuring. what can be done? i have alot of contacts that i’d like to get onto my blackberry. does blackberry have a little free program for inputting calendar and contacts so to sync with unit?

  16. 16 Anna

    Having a similar problem with my pearl and outlook 2003. I can sync from my desktop to the phone, but not from phone to desktop! Any suggestions anyone?

  17. 17 Uncle Bobby

    Ditto - I have a BlackBerry Pearl 8130. I was advised by Sprint to unistall the 4.3 Desktop and download 4.2 and the Service Pack 1 only, NOT SP2. I did that and now I can sync everything from my Microsoft Outlook EXCEPT my Calendar and that is a problem for me. I have another service call into Sprint as they are my provider. I did have better results with Desktop 4.2 and SP3 over the Desktop 4.3 that was shipped with my Pearl.

  18. 18 Sam

    I have the 8830 World Edition Blackberry. I am using Outlook 2003 on my laptop. I want to sync calendar and contacts. What are the steps? Do I need anything other than Blackbery Desktop Manager?

  19. 19 Cody

    I have a Curve and am using Vista / Outlook ‘07.
    Intellisync (Blackberry Desktop Manager) seems to have perfectly synched the portions of the two systems that I selected, which were the calendars and the memo pad. It took all of 2 minutes for the complete execution.
    Synching is not wireless however, it only happens when I connect my phone to my PC.

  20. 20 Michael Orta

    The information above is very much appreciated. Using this information made it rather simple to sync with my outlook.

    Michael Orta

  21. 21 Jason

    When you open the desktop manager, you need to start the Synch module, then open the configuration tab, then you open the Configure synch settings for your desktop organizer program from there you add the outlook (Configure Synch button). Then you can add what parts you want to synch with such as tasks, memo, address. Email is configured through the BB device, email setup and it is updated wirelessly although I may just be stating the obvious.

  22. 22 Helena

    I just purchased a used Blackberry 8700g and it didn’t come with cd or instructions. How do I synch it with my outlook so I have access to my e-mails, contacts, calendar?

  23. 23 Cheryl

    I have Blackberry Pearl 8130 with Verizon. I’m running Windows Vista home premium. I’m having problems getting the blackberry to sync with outlook. It doesn’t show as a option for synchronization. I called Blackberry they said it was a Vista problem. Can anyone help?

  24. 24 Geoff

    Cheryl, Hope, Rita, and Dave and Paul (problem 2)

    Why can’t desktop 4.3 see through Windows Vista to Outlook 2003?

    I have the same problem. On my PC with Vista and Outlook 2003, Destop manager 4.3 does not show outlook as an option (only one ASCII is available). So I uninstalled and went back to version I tried 4.3 twice with the same results and I am thus back using 4.2.

    On my work PC, which is Windows XP, Version 4.3 works fine and fixed another problem above (Paul) in where the synchronization stops after reading several records - basically freezing like Paul’s at an entry 51 of 296 from Outlook. However while version 4.3 reads chinese entered data, version 4.2 does not, so I’d love to able to upgrade to 4.3 on my vista machine, but from all the above - no one has yet found a solution.

  25. 25 Kelley

    I had a Blackberry 8830 (verizon) and it worked great with the desktop software, 4.2, no issues. I recently got a blackberry pearl and it came with the software version 4.3 and now have an issue with sync’ing the calender. I have Vista on my pc, I dont think it is a vista issue because the 8830 worked without any issues. I tried to use other versions of the software with the pearl and still can’t get the calender to sync. Any help would be greatly appreciated… Thanks!

  26. 26 Kelley

    Update….I did do a software update from my service provider, Verizon and now everything sync’s great! this update was posted on their website late Feb. so there is a fix out there for this issue with the calender not sync’ing with outlook. I did not find the update on Blackberrys website though?

  27. 27 Vincent Liou

    This can now be done OTA at

  28. 28 Mike

    I have a Blackberry Pearl and Outlook 2007. When I create an appointment in Outlook and do a 2-way sync with the Blackberry everything works perfectly. However, the next time I sync, the appointment that I created in Outlook gets deleted. Anyone know why?

  29. 29 Caro

    I am no longer able to sync anything with Pearl 8100 and Outlook 2003. On advice I downloaded 4.3. Same problem. Device is detected, shows as being connected and online but go to sync and it throws up an error message device not connected

    Also downloaded 4.3 to my laptop which runs Vista and Outlook 2007. That wont open the desktop manger at all.

    Any clues? It was fine until 25 March!

  30. 30 Garrett

    SOOO frustrating/aggravating. Like many of the posters here, I am having trouble synching my Verizon Pearl 8130 with Outlook. It has been nothing but a headache. Initially, it was creating duplicate entries (on the phone) every time I synched. I cleared the device calendar, after which the calendar sync isn’t even attempted by Desktop Manager. I have tried new/old versions of Desktop Manager. I have taken the battery out of the phone and put it back. Etc. I am angry at Blackberry for not offering support without charging for it. I’m trying to work with Verizon- hopefully they’ll have some advice. I think it’s ridiculous that these companies have not addressed something that is affecting so many users. (Sorry for the long rant. This is driving me crazy. :)

  31. 31 sue

    I have a new blackberry pearl 8110 and I sync with outlook. I use the theme “BB Dimension Today” and can get my appointments to show on the home screen. However, recurring calendar items (such as birthdays and holidays) and “all day events” that don’t have a time associated with them, do not show on the home screen.

    Anyone resolved this issue? Or found a theme that will list both 1) more than two appts, and 2) list appts and all day events?
    thanks for any help.

  32. 32 Brad

    My wife and I have the same Pearl 8130 and both using Desktop 4.3. She gets duplicate entries on her BB everytime she syncs to Outlook 2007/Vista. I have no problems when I sync to Outlook 2002/XP. Anyone know when Microsoft and RIM and going to have a fix? Everytime I install something new on her Vista computer I have a problem!!

  33. 33 Trey

    I have issues syncing my Blackberry 8130 with 2-PCs. It does sync, but if I change an existing item (contact, memo) on 1 PC, sync it to the blackberry (it shows the change on the blackberry), then sync it to the 2nd PC, the change does not transfer to the 2nd PC. Anyone have this problem and know of a fix?

  34. 34 Jay

    From my understanding, to ensure best use of your BB you need to have a BBServer. Otherwise you will continue to have sync issues. Is this correct?

  35. 35 steve

    I’m having problems syncing my phone to my computer. When I click tosyncronize my calender, it says “duplicate records found on the device”. What do I do? I no longer have my calender on microsoft outlook on the computer.

  36. 36 Hans

    I am having the same issue with syncing bb to outlook using BB Desktop Manager. I am now on version 4.5, updated my BB O/S, and still failing on calendar entries. I keep deleting them, but then it fails elsewhere.

    The BB is useless to me w/o this feature, and I don’t have the luxury of a BES.

    Any ideas of how to fix the corrupt calendar entries on exchange 2000?

    The BB should detect this an allow the calendat to continueto sync. Tasks and addresses sync fine, it is just he calendar.

  37. 37 eric

    i cannot figure out how to get the software to sync my calendar (outlook express) with the blackberry pearl. everyone seems to be saying exactly the same thing, but no answers it seems. i guess i wonder the point of this site? we all just come here to complain about blackberry’s inadequecies? frustrating.

  38. 38 Gil Kreslavsky

    I’ll use it for user guide in our company

  39. 39 Odile

    Just bought a BB 8110 but can’t synchronize at all. The DM is telling me unknown error. I’m using Windows XP with MS Outlook 2003. Please HELP

  40. 40 Shawn

    Similar issues with syncing outlook 2007 calendar with Pearl 8130. noticed a few weeks ago that all appts prior to 2 months ago back to end of 2006 are missing (all non-recurring appts). I restored a previous blackberry backup, confirmed items in calendar last night - now missing again after sync. I am trying to get the old appts from Blackberry back to Outlook. I am moving to a smartphone as soon as I can get this fixed

  41. 41 Kishen

    I figured a way to update your calendar onto your blackberry wirelessly. You need to first create a gmail account. Then you go to google and get the app for synching your outlook calendar to gmail. After that you have to go through your blackberry to the googleapp site and download gcalsync. Once this is downloaded you can sync your phone whenever needed to get an update with your online calendar. One issue I did run into was that you need to change the time zone configuration on your blackberry with gcalsync. It is kind of confusing. However, it works pretty well and you can sync outlook and gmail as recent or as long as you’d like. Probably look to spend 30 minutes to 1 hour messing with it and getting it working to what you like.

  42. 42 Ken

    I too have a problem with “tethered” synching from Outlook to a Blackberry Curve 8300 dying in the middle of the transfer. This used to work, but broke in recent weeks. I’ve tried multiple PCs/OS (Vista, XP), and multiple versions of the Desktop software (4.2 and 4.3), and multiple versions of Outlook (2003 and 2007). No luck. My machines are pretty well locked down by my IS department, so I am not able to experiment with anti-virus settings and such.

    However, I am able to avoid the issue if I set up the calendar synch to be one-direction, from Outlook to the device (Memos and addresses seem to be okay with bi-directionality). So, I’m up and running my “normal” case. However, in those infrequent instances when I actually would like to create a new appointment on my Blackberry, it will not be transfer to Outlook. I need to make a mental note to do so when I’m next using Outlook.

    Not great, but way better than no synch at all. I hope this helps.

  43. 43 Jason

    This is a big issue that is obviously not being addressed by Blackberry. I conclude that the best solution is to return the *#@& phone and go back to a smart phone. Anyone have a strong recommendation?

  44. 44 helene

    i cannot synchronize by curve and outlook 2003 calendar without duplicating everyting, it’s a real pain to go and delete double appointments. is there any trick to sync without duplicating?

  45. 45 Robin

    I have a Telus 8830 World Edition Blackberry. I was able to sync totally fine with my Outlook 2003 Calendar until a few days ago. I keep getting an error — seems to be from Windows. The sync process gets caught up when it tries to sync the calendar. The contacts work fine!! How to narrow down the exact error and how to correct???

  46. 46 Mike

    Have solved some of the above by downloading and installing the latest version of desktop manager from the BB site. However, I still cant get my curve to remember the holidays saved in outlook and it has to repeat sync them every time I connect. anybody cured this one?

  47. 47 RICK

    I have syncd my calender items and for some reason on my outlook calander all of my all day events have moved from starting at 00:00 (midnight)to starting at 12:00 (midday) So now these events all run over two days can you help by telling how this has happend and how i can change it back.


  48. 48 ncg61

    BB Bold & Outlook 2007 with Biz Contact Mgr:

    I am able to easily sync my Outlook stuff (Calendar, contacts, tasks and memo’s) back and forth between my computer and my new blackberry bold, but what about “Outlook 2007 with Business Contact Manager”?

    If I buy a new Vista based laptop with Microsoft Office Pro, which includes “Outlook 2007 with Business Contact Manager”, will my BB Bold still sync with the calendar, contacts, tasks and memo’s?

    Thanks for any input you all con provide/confirm.

  49. 49 Kyle

    Can Blackberry’s sync wirelessly with two different computers that are not on the same network? We are trying to have the calender stay up-to-date with the Blackberry, owners computer and my computer.

  50. 50 David

    Old Handspring Visor (palm-based PDA). New BlackBerry Curve 8310.
    Task: Migrate PDA data (calendar/todo/memo/addresses) to BlackBerry.

    PDA was being backed up to a Linux system, but BlackBerry Desktop Manager installs on Microsoft Windows. BlackBerry is supposed to be able to sync with Outlook, so I
    - installed Microsoft Outlook 2000 on a Windows XP Home laptop
    - installed the Handspring software, specifying to use Outlook for PIM
    - backed up Handspring to Outlook
    - installed BlackBerry Desktop Manager 4.3 (which came with the Curve)

    I was unable to find a way to install BB DM so that Outlook was an option when configuring Synchronization. Sometimes I would see Outlook Express as an option, but most installations showed only ASCII and Yahoo as sync options.

    I discovered that the Switch Device would copy data from a Palm device to a BlackBerry. However, it doesn’t copy directly from the device, nor from Outlook. So I
    - re-installed Handspring software, specifying to use the Handspring PIM
    - backed up Handspring to its PIM
    - used BB DM Switch Device to transfer Handspring PIM to BlackBerry

    Wonderful! It is frustrating to spend hours on a process which takes minutes. If I only had clear information up front and understood the options, their usage and affects.

    Less than a week goes by, and all of the nearly 4,000 Calendar entries disappear except for 91 items that are recurring or in the future. I discover that BlackBerry default Calendar setting is to delete old entries. I learn that there is supposedly an Option in Calendar to Keep Appointments which can be set to FOREVER — but I am unable to find the setting to change.

    The phone provider is unable to help make that option appear; recommended having AT&T turn on the BlackBerry Enterprise Services for the account, which should show the option, set the option to what we want, and then have the service removed from the account. The AT&T agent would not do that, claiming that is fraud — but provides no other means to obtain a feature that should be there, that has supposedly been “paid for”.

    In researching, I found someone who made the option appear by turning on wireless sync (even just temporarily), but only after upgrading BB Desktop Manager from 4.2 SP2 to 4.5. I could not find a way to turn on wireless sync with my DM 4.3, and AT&T did not have 4.5 available, so I downloaded and installed version 4.6. I still could not find a way to turn on wireless sync, and still could not specify Outlook as a synchronization option. However, in all of the playing, reinstalling in different configurations, attempting syncs, etc., at one point I found the BB Calendar option of Keep Appointments was accessible, and was finally able
    to set it to FOREVER.

    Now I began having problems getting the old Handspring calendar data back onto the BlackBerry. From reading other experiences, decided to download Desktop Manager 4.2 SP2. This version allowed me to specify Outlook as a sync option! Also found that in an unobvious place there is a setting in DM to transfer all calendar data (not just recent and future data).

    I cleared the calendar data on the BlackBerrry, and then transferred all 3,939 entries from the Handspring calendar in Outlook to the BlackBerry. While it is all there now, I am unable to see the Keep Appointments option in the BB Calendar, and thus unable to confirm it has retained the FOREVER setting. I should know within a week if nearly 8+ hours of work will allow the successful use of the BB as a usable replacement for the Handspring PDA.

    Throughout all of this, the BlackBerry Curve 8310 OS has remained 4.2. I am considering keeping the Desktop Manager at 4.2 SP2 to allow the continued sync with Outlook. I may investigate Google for future calendar synchronization.

    PostScript: The configuration has stuck — and all of the old calendar items are still there. I think the issue was resolved through the install of the newer desktop version and then performing configuration changes on the BlackBerry after connecting to the desktop for synchronization before connecting to the phone network, where it might find we did not have a data plan and disable to option. It still irks me that someone designed the “Keep Forever” based upon a specific phone plan/usage and not simply by a concept of functionality/need.

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