Monthly Archive for November, 2005

RIM’s Official Update on NTP Litigation


he U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia issued a ruling today in the patent litigation between Research In Motion Limited and NTP, Inc. The District Court ruled that the Term Sheet entered between the parties in March 2005 to settle the litigation was not an enforceable agreement. Other details of the ruling were filed under seal by the District Court, therefore RIM cannot comment further on the details of the decision. The District Court also denied RIM’s motion to stay further proceedings in the case until the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office reaches a final determination in its reexamination of the NTP patents. As a result of today’s rulings, further proceedings will continue in the District Court.

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Judge Denies RIM Previous Settlement


BlackBerry maker Research In Motion Ltd. was dealt another legal setback in a key patent infringement case on Wednesday, raising pressure to settle or face a possible shutdown of its U.S. mobile e-mail service. U.S. District Judge James Spencer rejected RIM’s request to delay the case and refused to enforce a disputed, $450 million settlement with patent holder NTP Inc.

“Valid patents would be rendered meaningless if an infringing party were allowed to circumvent the patents’ enforcement by incessantly delaying and prolonging court proceedings, which have already resulted in a finding of infringement,” Spencer said in his ruling from Richmond, Va.

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U.S. Cellular Now Carrying BlackBerry Devices


U.S. Cellular today announced that it is working with Research In Motion to bring BlackBerry to its customers. U.S. Cellular will offer the BlackBerry 7250 Wireless Handheld with support for both BlackBerry Enterprise Server and BlackBerry Internet Service. U.S. Cellular customers will be able to access their e-mail on the same seamless, high-quality network that brings them voice services today. Customers will have access to a comprehensive mobile e-mail, voice, web browsing and data communications solution with advanced security and manageability.

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Blackberry 8700 Examined: Themes


Dimension Icon Theme
We at BBCool have decided to examined indepth the Blackberry 8700 and its new features. One of the reason is that many people still don’t have access to a working Blackberry 8700 because of the distribution issues. Others may have access to the new handheld but the employees at the store are unable to let you play around with one. So with our first installement we will be looking at the various themes for the new 8700.

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Assigning Convenience Keys On Blackberry 8700


Blackberry Convenience Keys
Sometimes the simplest things make the biggest difference. New features on the Blackberry 8700 like the 312Mhz Intel processor and brighter and larger screen are nice but one of the more useful features are the two convenience keys that you can use and personalized for quicker access to common applications. By default the front convenience key is assigned to open the browser bookmarks and the side key to open profiles options.

To change the default keys, do the following:

1. Click on Options -> Screen/Keyboard.

2. Scroll down to “Convenience Key Opens” field and highlight one of the options.

3. Press in on the thumbwheel and select Change Option.

4. Select a program from the list and make sure to Save upon exit of Option screen.

Research In Motion Opens U.K. Lawsuit Over BlackBerry Patent


Research In Motion Ltd., facing litigation that may halt its BlackBerry e-mail service in the U.S., is this week fighting a case to protect the technology in Britain. Luxembourg-based Inpro Licensing Sarl is suing Research In Motion at a London court for allegedly infringing a U.K. patent it holds relating to the relay of data between BlackBerry phones and pagers and the Internet.

If Research In Motion loses the case, it may force the Waterloo, Canada-based company and partners such as T-Mobile International AG to stop selling or supporting the devices in Britain, according to lawyers acting on the case. Research in Motion has around 375,000 BlackBerry subscribers in the U.K., around 10 percent of its global total.

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