Liquid Machines Delivers BlackBerry Support for Windows Rights Management Services

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Liquid Machines, Inc., the leading provider of Enterprise Rights Management solutions, today announced it has shipped its Liquid Machines BlackBerry Gateway for Microsoft Windows Rights Management Services for Windows Server 2003. The new Liquid Machines BlackBerry Gateway extends Windows RMS secure-messaging capabilities to the BlackBerry wireless platform, allowing enterprise BlackBerry Wireless Handheld users to send and receive RMS-protected messages from their wireless devices.

Windows RMS is information protection technology that works with Microsoft Office 2003 applications to help safeguard digital information from unauthorized use. Liquid Machines enhances Windows RMS with server-side policy enforcement capabilities that automatically apply message protection based on corporate guidelines at the email gateway. Liquid Machines BlackBerry Gateway for RMS extends corporate email access and usage policies to BlackBerry Wireless handhelds to ensure consistent, enterprise-defined RMS protection across the extended enterprise.

“BlackBerry continues to be the leading wireless data platform for enterprise and government organizations around the world,” said Ed Gaudet, vice president of product management and marketing at Liquid Machines, Inc. “Liquid Machines BlackBerry Gateway for RMS extends messaging security to a customer’s mobile workforce — helping users maximize productivity while maintaining information control and increasing a customer’s return on their Windows RMS and BlackBerry investments.”

“Customers have told us that regulations and competitive pressures are forcing them to increase the safeguards around their sensitive information. At the same time, accessibility from mobile devices has become a vital component of many customers’ information infrastructures,” said John Chirapurath, director in Enterprise Access and Security Products Product Management at Microsoft Corp. “We are pleased that Liquid Machines has delivered a solution that further enhances these customers’ corporate governance and compliance objectives by extending the RMS platform to BlackBerry.”

“Increasingly, information protection and data security projects are taking precedence on customers’ IT agendas. The first question many customers ask is about persistent protection of intellectual property, the second is how they can lock down emails sent to BlackBerry handhelds,” said Kurt Hetzel, Consulting & Integration — Microsoft Security, HP. “Liquid Machines BlackBerry Gateway for RMS addresses these common criteria among enterprise customers with a solution that allows them to control email messages and attachments and eliminates the data leakage threat posed by BlackBerry devices.”

Using Liquid Machines BlackBerry Gateway for RMS, enterprise BlackBerry users are able to read messages governed by Windows RMS confidentiality and retention policies. Additionally, Liquid Machines BlackBerry client integrates seamlessly with the BlackBerry user interface to allow users to easily compose and exchange RMS-protected emails with suppliers, customers, and partners.

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