Nokia has own Patent Infringement Issues

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Qualcomm has filed a lawsuit against cell phone maker Nokia Corp. alleging the infringement of a dozen patents. The suit, filed Friday in federal court in San Diego, seeks monetary damages and an injunction against Nokia’s continuing sale of products that Qualcomm claims infringe on its patents concerning cellular technology. Qualcomm also named Nokia Inc., a unit of Nokia Corp., in the lawsuit. Of the dozen patents allegedly infringed, 11 are Qualcomm’s and one is a patent owned by Qualcomm subsidiary SnapTrack.

Qualcomm makes chips used in cell phones, but earns a greater portion of its profits from licensing rights to its patents to other companies.

“We have been discussing a number of issues with Nokia for some time … and we are disappointed that this has resulted in litigation,” Qualcomm General Counsel Louis Lupin said in a press release Monday.

Six of the patents in Qualcomm’s complaint were also asserted in the company’s 2005 suit against rival chip maker Broadcom Corp. That suit targets Broadcom chips used for a popular wireless data technology known as Wi-Fi and an older cellular technology known as GSM.

Last week, five companies, including Broadcom and Nokia, complained to European anti-trust regulators about Qualcomm’s licensing practices. The companies claim the royalty fees Qualcomm charges for licensing its patents are excessive.

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