RIM Launches BlackBerry Mobile Data System with Support for Web Services


Research In Motion today launched BlackBerry Mobile Data System with a new wireless application development framework that supports Web Services. Among the new enhancements is a visual development tool that taps into the XML-based Service-Oriented Architecture, enabling system integrators, independent software vendors and in-house corporate developers to rapidly create wireless applications. BlackBerry MDS with support for Web Services is available as an upgrade for BlackBerry Enterprise Server v4.0 customers and can be downloaded at: http://www.blackberry.com/developers/downloads/upgradepack/index.shtml .

“BlackBerry MDS is a full data mobilization platform that enables developers to create wireless applications that leverage the secure, push-based BlackBerry architecture,” said Mike Lazaridis, President and Co-CEO at Research In Motion. “BlackBerry MDS with support for Web Services now gives developers an additional option for creating applications, in addition to existing browser and Java options. It abstracts complexity from the application development process, reducing the amount of time and specialized skills required to create and deploy wireless applications.”

“As enterprises realize the cost savings and business benefits of a Service-Oriented Architecture they will look to adopt and adapt applications around Web Services. The same factors and economics exist around their wireless deployments. Leveraging Web Services for applications and finding an easy way to bring them to the handheld can be an attractive proposition for enterprises,” said Monica Basso, Research Director for the Mobile and Wireless practice at Gartner.

The BlackBerry MDS Upgrade Pack for BlackBerry Enterprise Server v4.0 includes:

- BlackBerry MDS Studio(TM) - A powerful visual application design and assembly tool that allows developers to quickly create applications using drag and drop functionality.

- BlackBerry MDS Runtime(TM) - BlackBerry device software that provides runtime services for applications developed with BlackBerry MDS Studio and manages the application deployment, execution and upgrades on BlackBerry devices.

- BlackBerry MDS Services for Web Services - Resides on BlackBerry Enterprise Server and handles interactions between mobile applications, BlackBerry devices and enterprise applications and other backend systems.

RIM is also working with leading software infrastructure and application providers that have embraced Web Services:

“SAP is committed to delivering a business-driven approach to Services-Oriented Architecture through its Enterprise Services partner initiatives and its Enterprise Services Architecture,” said Robert Kapanen, senior manager, business development of enterprise services, SAP Labs. “SAP is pleased to work with Research In Motion to bring mobile web services applications to enterprises looking to leverage their investments in open architectures.”

“Through the AppExchange platform, salesforce.com has demonstrated how open Web Services offer companies a new, more effective approach to building and integrating enterprise applications,” said Adam Gross, Director of Product Marketing at salesforce.com. “We are happy to see similar Web Services technologies be made available to mobile application development through BlackBerry MDS. Our customers and developers will now have new opportunities to quickly and successfully extend their on demand applications to their mobile workforces.”

“BlackBerry MDS is allowing our development teams to program in a more efficient manner. The separation of GUI (Graphical User Interface) development from application code is streamlining our overall development efforts, which will help increase our speed to market on new solutions,” states Bruce Derraugh, Vice President, Managed & Professional Services, Allstream.

“Sun Microsystems and RIM continue to build solutions for mobile Web Services using Sun’s Java Application Platform Suite and BlackBerry MDS,” said Joe Keller, Vice President of Marketing, SOA and Integration Platforms, Sun Microsystems. “This marks an important step as we bring mobile services to our customers and help them retain their competitive edge.”

  • Rangaswamy

    Hi All,

    Can we get evaluation version of Blackberry Enterprise Server for developmental purposes. I saw somewhere it is available for 3 months trial period. Please let me know.

  • Rangaswamy

    Hi All,

    Can we get evaluation version of Blackberry Enterprise Server for developmental purposes. I saw somewhere it is available for 3 months trial period. Please let me know.