How To Determine if You’re Using a BES

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When you install a 3rd-party application that requires an outside connection to the internet you are usually always asked whether or not you’re using a Blackberry Enterprise Server. When this happens it is important to determine whether or not you’re using a BES or if you’re a regular Blackberry Internet Service user. In most cases if you don’t know whether or not you’re on a BES, you’re probably not using on one.

However to be sure, do the following:

1. From the Home screen on the device, go to Options -> Service Book.

2. Highlight one of the service books in the Service Book list, and click the trackwheel. Select View.

3. The Service User ID field is labelled UID.

A valid account on a BlackBerry Enterprise Server will have a string that reflects the Service Routing Protocol (SRP) Identifier of the BlackBerry Enterprise Server the user is currently on (for example, S123456). A user running on BlackBerry Desktop Redirector will have an email address in this field.

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