Linux Mobile Phone Standards Forum Established

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A consortium of telecommunications and technology companies Monday established a trade body dedicated to driving the adoption of the Linux operating system in Mobile phones. Linux is currently used in a small number of handsets. The open-code system is an alternative to other mobile phone operating systems developed by Microsoft Corp. with its Windows Mobile software and Symbian PLC - majority owned by Nokia Corp. - which develops systems for high-end mobile phones with computer-like applications.

Founding members of the Linux Phone Standards Forum include ARM Holdings PLC, Cellon, Esmertec AG, France Telecom SA’s Orange unit, FSM Labs, Huawei Technologies Co., Jaluna, MIZI Research, Montavista Software, Open-Plug and PalmSource Inc.

The forum will look to define standards and programming interfaces for Linux-based system services to support the development and deployment of applications and user-level services.

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